Monday, December 15, 2008


Several years ago I was visiting dear friends in an out-lying area of Chicago. Down the quiet country road from their house was a large Christmas tree farm, the first and only one I have ever personally seen. I was delighted by not only the extraordinary expanse of growing evergreens, but also by the felt-sense experience of all that was going in to the preparation of a tree that would then serve the purpose of being a centerpiece for one relatively short observance. A great amount of tending, care, and attention is given as each seed becomes sapling, and each sapling becomes a tree mature enough to be chopped and shopped for the pleasure of perhaps the grandest of all holiday celebrations, at least in the Christian tradition.

While trees are certainly living beings in their own right, they are not organisms of self-reflecting consciousness. As I gazed upon this field of trees, however, I couldn’t help but feel they each were manifesting themselves into a form of selfless service. That each tree was incarnating its self into being simply to bring beauty and joy to those who would acquire it. I found myself with a deep and profound desire to be my own kind of Christmas tree, a desire that has lasted and certainly re-surfaced at this time of year. I want my time upon this planet to serve and to uplift others, to bring some beauty and some joy to those who are led into my sphere of experience.
A few years after experiencing this tree farm, I was on retreat in North Carolina in early January. I was “G-awed-walking” when I came across a group of people who were gathering the discarded Christmas trees of the recently ended season. They explained to me that they were part of a group who mulches the trees for the purpose of using that mulch on all the hiking trials in the area. I nearly exploded in glee! I immediately thought of the tree farm, and the lengthy process of bringing each seedling to readied maturity. I thought of the trees being cut down, and how they went from the desolate field to a festive place of honor, with gifts at their feet. I felt how they would then be stripped of their adornment, and unceremoniously dumped at the curb for pick-up. And then these dear people were furthering their usefulness by turning their past glory into a carpet for countless to tread upon. It only deepened for me the metaphor of living as a Christmas tree in every season of the year! I want the whole of my life to be a path upon which future generations may travel. I will that the awakening and the unskillfulness of my living be used to beacon those who are to follow me when I am gone from physical sight. I want the entire process of my unfoldment- from seedling to immortal mulch- to be used for something larger than myself. This is my prayer and my intention.

Though at times I may over-accessorize, I have not led a life of great accomplishment or adornment. I have not been a “tree” that has been viewed or celebrated by masses. The ornaments of human achievement have always seemed a bit too heavy for these branches, and the lights of fame or fortune are not now the goals of this maturing tree. I feel a bit more like Charlie Browns Christmas tree than the one at Rockefeller Center. Mine is more an interior incarnation, though at times I may be the center of some attention. So much of success is perceptual, as is the assessment of what is beauty or grandeur. The fact that a hundred people pass by a particular Christmas tree doesn’t diminish its beauty to the one who chooses its expression. I seek to remember this daily as I commit to giving my gifts. I hold to the purpose of my Being; to awaken to the splendor of the One Self, and to give expression to It in my daily being and doing. I live so that my love will be a lasting legacy, and so that my struggles will ease the way for future pilgrims upon the path. If some of the experiences that I am called to bear within this incarnation weigh my branches down, I trust that the Life Source within is equal to the demand. I will remain a devotion to G-awedness, beauty, serenity, and joy. I will remain rooted in the Love that is my Truth, and I will allow the example of that Love to be a reminder for all those who choose to behold it. I will embrace and release the ego tendency of comparison; despite any outer appearance, we are all trees of One Source, and our expressions are equally reverent and precious just as they are.

As we end this calendar year of 2008, I embrace an openness of what this “tree of me” will grow forth in the year of 2009. I relish the uncertainty, and the opportunity to simply root myself in now. I celebrate the adornments of my present, and let my Presence be my gift. I am knowing for each who chooses to read this expression of my heart a glorious holiday season, and a new year that is filled with peace and endless possibility.

Happy Hanukkah, Merry Mass of Christ, and a Happy New Year.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


In contemplating what I felt inspired to share with you in this final edition of RADICAL EXPRESSION for 2008, the name of the newsletter its self captured my attention and stimulated my imagination. It has always been my greatest desire and my most challenging obstacle to truly be radically expressed right here and now on planet earth. There it is; I shamelessly expose myself to all my readers, and I must say it is more liberating than embarrassing. Particularly in this season of Light, I recognize that for me it has been the embracing of the darkness that has led to my greatest experience of transcendence. No amount of parroting affirmations of Truth ever released me from the bondage of my own mis-perceptions. No amount of information ever saved me from the hell of my own imprinted self -opinions. Services, seminars, and a seeming endless array of reading materials may have pointed me in the right direction, but it wasn’t until I was willing to truly excavate the depths of my own despair that a transformation in consciousness began to slowly emerge. I had the desire to express radically, but I did not have the quality of inner atmosphere that could support such radiant living. I could put on my metaphysical happy-face, but in the darkness of night, I was still slowly dying from the tribal lies that held me bound in a trance of deep, often unconscious unworthiness.

During this season of Advent in the Christian tradition, we are reminded of how the prophet Isaiah foretold of a “great Light that would enter the darkness.” This great Light was the promised Messiah, the redeemer of the lost souls caught in the trance of separation and despondency. The man Jesus, whose birth this tradition celebrates at this time of year, is said to be that very Messiah for those who believe in him and his example. Though I do not identify as a Christian, I do resonate with my own particular understanding of the example he came and shared. Isaiah and later John the Baptist were great and passionate prophets of this coming Light. John lived to meet and to baptize his cousin whom he saw as the embodiment of redemption. I most certainly celebrate the man Jesus as an example of this Light. I do not, however, stop there. The “great Light that was coming into darkness” is still and again the Light that enters that darkness of ignorance in each and every one of us. We are called to passionately prophesy, and then to embody this Light in our own earthly experience. Advent means “to come,” or “coming to.” It is the task of humanity, if you will, to come to our own intrinsic nature of Divine incarnations. We do this as we are able and willing, by right of consciousness, to enter our own darkness. It is on the other side of the darkness of unawareness that we each meet the Light of Truth, the Light of our very Being. As in the cases of Isaiah, John, and Jesus, this takes great passion. It takes a devotion to seeing through our individual and collective stories and myths. It requires vigilance, patience, compassion, and a radical commitment to transcending the past without attachment to a projected future. The embodiment of Light is certainly not the sole domain of Jesus or of Christian mythology. The Maccabees of old became these same qualities as they took back the temple from the Syrian army, leading to the miracle of Hanukkah. Their passion and faithfulness became the fortitude that beat the odds of their circumstances. The Light of Hanukkah is the same light that is of Christmas: it is the Light of Truth that burns brightly in every incarnated Soul.

While this is a time of rich and revealing symbolism, theory or concept does not transcendence make. Radical Expression is about becoming the Light: embodying It here in time and space reality. There is nothing conceptual about it. Light is not mental. It is experiential. It is transcendent, yet it is also imminent. While we are not the Source of Light, it is through us that it is seen and known in this world. That is the power of the examples of the Maccabees and of Jesus. They became the Truth in vibrant and living example. Light is indeed the redemption of the world, but it is not a Light that comes from someone else. It is our individual responsibility, privilege, and destiny to embody the One Light. For that we are born. That is the purpose of incarnation. We are each the Light of the world, and it is our mission to shine forth in splendor. Shining forth is the Essence of radical expression” EXPRESS I ON.

I am knowing for each of you a shining holi-day season, and a radically expressed new year. Shine on, dear friends. Shine on.


Tuesday, October 28, 2008


As I type the November edition of RADICAL EXPRESSION, I am amazed once again at how quickly a calendar year can seem to pass. While time is ultimately an illusion of consciousness, it certainly seems to me that the illusion is moving more quickly than ever. I find myself often stopping, breathing deeply into the present moment, and becoming conscious of all that is around me and within me. I am drawn more and more to savoring the quality of my moments, and wanting to fully experience my experience. My dear friend Abbi, whose picture you see to the right, is a master teacher of this art of savoring. Can you see and feel the gleeful look in her eyes as she gazes off, free of interpretation and labels? Such attention simply for the experience of attention. Such joyfulness for the sake of joyfulness. Such pure and natural Presence. The wonderful author Alan Cohen wrote a small book some years ago entitled ‘Are You As Happy As Your Dog?” Even for those who don’t have pets, it is a great inquiry. I personally am taking a cue from Abbi, and engaging in a lot of gleefully gazing these days.
November contains within its days the beautiful holiday of Thanksgiving. I have always loved the vibrational feel of this observance. I don’t believe there is anything more enlivening and healing than the heart-felt frequency of gratitude. I have long made it a practice to tap into this vibration before my feet touch the floor in the morning. I also make it a practice to keep a gratitude journal, recording entries each and every day. Gratitude is the best barometer I know for my current state of wakefulness. When I am not feeling at least a subtle mist of gratitude flowing forth from my heart, I know that I am trapped in a perception that is not worthy of Who I am in Truth. I know that I am trapped in a story of separation, and that it is a story that is steeped in the past and projected into the future. I know it is time for a wake up call from my Self to my self: HELLO! ARE YOU FORGETTING SOMETHING? ARE YOU FORGETTING YOUR SOURCE, AND WHO YOU ARE WITHIN THAT? ARE YOU FORGETTING HOW INCREDIBLY BLESSED YOU ARE TO BE ALIVE WITHIN THE ONE? ARE YOU FORGETTING THAT THE ABILITY TO FORM A STORY IS A SOURCED-RIGHT THAT YOU ARE MISUSING AT THIS VERY MOMENT?

It doesn’t take very long for these types of questions to snap me out of my temporary unconsciousness. As I begin to arise in consciousness from my ego-stupor, I feel such gratitude to be able to recognize the contrast that awakening gives. Chances may be good that I will nod off again, yet it is simply another opportunity to practice the art of chosen wakefulness. What a gift! And rather than using the tools of guilt and condemnation that I used to engage in, today I allow the feeling of thanksgiving in my heart to be the way of recognizing where my focus is in any given moment. Grateful, I’m awake. Labeling-making in contraction- I am definitely asleep.

There is always something, and usually a myriad of things, to be grateful for. I personally choose to practice being grateful FROM more than I do being grateful FOR. Gratitude needs no object. It is a state of heart. A state of Being. Just like Abbi. Abbi is a picture of joyful thanks-living. I will definitely take some of that!

Happy days of November to each of you, and a most joyous Thanksgiving!


Wednesday, October 8, 2008


On this Erev Yom Kippur, countless Jews around the world are beginning the observance of this Highest of Holy days with the hauntingly mysterious and beautiful Kol Nidre. Kol Nidre is a prayer of forgiveness that is derived from the prayers repeated by Spanish Jews that were forced some centuries ago to pretend that they were Christians. In order to live, the Jews were literally forced to betray their faith, and to live as imposters. The prayers of Kol Nidre beseech G_d to forgive these acts of inauthenticity, and all such acts that betray the created nature of Who we are in Truth. The observance of Yom Kippur includes fasting for those who are physically able, and many hours spent in the temple praying for the sins that have occurred since the previous years Holy days.

While I was not born into the Jewish tradition, the power of this symbolism has touched me deeply for the many years I have adapted my own practices around these ancient rituals. Yom Kippur is of course the Day of Atonement, or what for me is the practice and process of coming back into Oneness within my self, my world, and my Source. As beings of dualistic minds, we have been divided against ourselves in a virtual trance of separation. We remain eternally One, and yet experientially we are torn apart by our own faulty perceptions. Like the Spanish Jews of long ago, we are imposters. We are pretending to be mere shadows of what we were created to be. We play small in order to fit the tribal code. And yet our Souls are urging us back to our authentic state of Glory. This return to One is the very essence of forgiveness. We are called to fast from the identification with false perceptions and limited ideas. We are called to pray within the temples of our own hearts. We are not praying TO a G_d out there FOR forgiveness. We are invited to pray IN the G-awed of our very Being, and the very vibration of that prayer is what restores back to One. The only forgiveness to seek is ultimately our own.

The call of Yom Kippur is the call to live divided no more. It is the call home to One. Regardless of your faith tradition, you may want to stop during this Holy time, and reflect deeply on the ways you may be betraying the True nature of Who you are. In what ways are you pretending to be less than you really are? What parts of your person have you split off from in aversion and in shame? What are you rejecting of your self, and how may you be projecting that out as judgment of another?

If you are living in anything less than an experience of unlimited love and compassion, you are at a level an imposter. It is Love and it is compassion that is at our very core. I firmly believe that forgiveness is our function here in the realm of human story, and it is that forgiveness that leads us back to the state of One that is our Truth. Whether you are called by the sound of the Shofar, or a silent whisper in your heart, the call Home to One is universal and compassionately relentless. Please don’t betray the magnificence of Who you are. Please don’t accept anything less than a life filled with Love. It is Who you are. It is the Truth of all you behold. It is the state of One.


Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I have spent a large percentage of my life experience pretending to be someone that I am not. I now recognize that a career as an actor was the perfect fit for me in that, as much as I loved becoming someone else, I never really wanted to be me. I would relish diving into a script and transforming myself into what the writer and director wanted me to be. There certainly was individual creativity as well, which included drawing from personal emotional experiences. But in retrospect, much of the thrill of creating a character was that I didn’t have to focus on the one role I was determined not to play: me.

It took me quite a few years to realize that when I retired from the stage and screen, spirituality became the next best way to avoid being the self that I had so much unconscious aversion for. I was doggedly devoted to fixing all the things about myself that I deemed to be unacceptable. I really turned the volume up on this quest when I followed the inspiration to become an ordained minister. I went to war against my humanity, and wanted nothing more than to float slightly above the earth, shining my divinity upon every situation. As noble as this sound, it had the effect of creating an unending internal conflict between the organic self of my humanity, and a “Disneyesque” version of what I thought I was supposed to be. In short, I was still avoiding being who I am in my divinity and my humanity. After much unsuccessful striving and self-enforced suffering, it finally dawned on me that I was here in this realm for the experience of incarnation- an incarnation that was to include the wholeness of me, and not just the parts that I thought were the most “Godly.” I found the truth within the Carl Jung quote: “ I’d rather be whole than good.” I began to see that “good” is an image that is more constrictive than expanding. Trying to play the role of perfect spiritual person kept me locked in the analytical and dualistic mind, and blocked the experience of compassion and acceptance so integral to spiritual emergence.

I am so grateful to be at a place in my evolution where I am finally allowing the “me” that I am in wholeness to lead me to the experience of my authentic self: a self that is as one writer observed, “too true to be good.” I am here to be real, and in that experience of realness, my Truth is revealed. I don’t want to play any more roles, even if that means I am not widely accepted by the masses of this world. I want to know at depth my Oneness, yet in order to do so, I must first become one within my self. I choose Presence over pretense, and intimacy over imaging. I am aware that I am not my thinking, my emotions, my perceptions, and my behaviors. And yet those are all parts of the human experience. Making them wrong and trying to suppress them doesn’t lead to an authentic spiritual experience. It is the underlying unworthiness inherent in the human condition that leads to unconsciousness, and that unconsciousness then leads to unskillfulness. Pretending it isn’t so does not heal this. Healing occurs as we welcome and embrace all of the parts of ourselves that we have resisted and rejected. It is our wholeness that leads to our realness, not the splintering off of the dualistic mind. It is our fullness that leads us to the experience of our authentic self, not our role-playing and posturing.

I have long loved the fable of The Velveteen Rabbit. If you have not read it, or have not read it in a while, I highly recommend this masterpiece of common wisdom. It is a story about becoming real. It is a story about acceptance and inclusivity. It is a story about wholeness. It is a story about appearances being only a part of the picture. And it is a story about love. Deep, abiding love for exactly what is.

While this is the month for masks and costumes, I intend to simply become more of myself. I intend to place my focus on playing the only role that isn’t a role: the whole, authentic me. Now I see that’s who and what I’ve always been called to be. It feels really good and really true to finally get real in my incarnation. And it feels really good and really true to let you be all of who you are as well.


Saturday, August 30, 2008


The Psalmist of old sang heartfully” I will lift up mine eyes, to the hills from which comes my help.” The sentiments of this song can be as profound here in the flatlands of Florida as they are in the mountainous regions that inspired such praise. The language of the ancients was not a literal language, which is why much of the juice of our religious writings is lost. Whenever hills, mountains, or higher elevations are mentioned, they are pointing to the higher places of our own elevated consciousness. This even applies to the often mentioned “going to the rooftop to pray.” A perhaps more modern translation of the above Sacred love song might be “ I will lift up my inner vision to the spacious awareness of What is my Source, and Who I am within It. This awareness is my Life, my strength, and my fulfillment in every perceived need.”
As you know if you read the August edition of RADICAL EXPRESSION I have claimed the month of August as a time of inner reflection and outer playfulness. I used the illustration of “going fishing” as my thematic for the month. Well, if in August I had gone fishing, in September I am “heading for the hills.” I will be spending the next two weeks in the beautiful mountains of northern California and southern Oregon. I have long been led to the vibration of higher elevations, and experience quite profoundly and directly the essence of that Psalm. I will spend the next twelve days lifting my inner vision to the highest reaches of my expanding consciousness, consciously vibrating at the frequency of Source. Do I need to go to the mountains to experience this? No. In fact, I am ‘Vibing” at this rate even as I type. And I have found there is great sustenance in stepping out of our daily routines, and spending dedicated time and attention simply connecting in our Highest Being. The energy of the mountains is an energy of reverence, of stillness, of watchfulness, of peace. They seem to me to be sentinels of prayer, giving groundedness to that which is our G-awed.
As this month of September begins, I invite you to join me in consciously “Being In” this elevated consciousness. I invite you to renew your Self in the Presence of What is True. I invite you to come up higher, aligning in the strength and help that comes from a direct experience of Knowing from whence you came. In each and every moment, look up. Catch a vision of the Highest order of Truth as it makes Its Self known here in time and space reality. Head for the hills of consciousness, and sing along with the Cosmic Song of One. Know within how very much you are loved in Love, and bask in that radiant Truth. Just like those glorious mountains, we are sentinels of prayer. It is that prayerful energy that is transforming this world one heart at a time.
Look up, my friends. Look up.

I will speaking at Unity of the Palm Beaches on September 14, and resuming my TALKS WITH TAYLOR on September 23. Please see the calendar page for details.

Thursday, July 31, 2008


As the past few months have joyfully yet busily ambled by, I have been feeling a familiar and friendly call from my Soul to claim some time from activity, and allow for some concentrated receptivity. I was reflecting recently on an intention I have held for several years to claim the month of August as “off and inner time.” I realized that though I have held the intention in my attention, I have never followed through with the actual action in terms of my calendar. Well, my friends: this is the year! I am faithfully following the prompting of my deepest heart, and devoting August 2008 to BEINGNESS. I will not be coaching, writing, lecturing, or blogging. I will be meditating, staring, floating in the pool, playing, traveling, and basking in the inactivity that renews my Soul and invigorates the creative me.
I learned a while ago that when my Source is calling me to stop, it is wise and prudent to follow that prompt. There were certainly times when I sped right through such inspiration, and always with less than beneficial results. When I am feeling pulled to listen more deeply, there is always a great gift in centering in the depths, and thus hearing what I am in need of hearing. I gave a lecture the other evening in which I described my own personal SOS: Stop, Open, Surrender. Our culture is racing ahead at break-neck speeds, and we are in need of a global SOS. I am so grateful to be at a point in my emergence when I will actually listen and heed the counsel of my Soulful Self. Not that at times it doesn’t make me a little nervous. My mind does a “mini-freak out” at the thought of a month without work. That’s okay. I can watch the freak out, and listen in below it. If I am being guided to take a break, I know that the Source of that Guidance will provide what I need to agree with that call. It can actually be great fun seeing how the ever-creative Universe orchestrates that fulfillment.
In the land of my birth, we often call unexpected breaks “ GONE FISHIN.” Well, I guess that’s what I am doing. I am going’ fishing. Not literally, of course. But I am going to sit back, drop the line of my attention into the depths of my being, and see what inspirations come to the surface. Leaning back in “no-think,” I will see what is next for this Soul-on earth. I will taste deeply of my days, and live my love out loud. If you see me on the bank, give a shout, will you? Maybe we could sit a while and just stare together.
Have a great August.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


If you have been around my teachings with any regularity, you will know that I love acronyms. One day several years ago now, I simply started thinking in them, and seeing them where no one else seemed to notice. I find them to be a wonderful way of calling important principles into my awareness, and they have been a fun and often-profound teaching tool for me and for others. It has been a practice for me in the past few years to tap into my inspired heart-space, and allow an acronym theme to arise that guides me through my years, and also through each month. I rarely share these with others, but the one I chose for July feels too good to keep to myself!
My theme for the month of July is: JOYFUL UNLIMITED LOVING YES! I have long resonated with the thematic behind our nations birthday celebration, and FREEDOM is perhaps my most compelling value. As I reflect upon the deeper meaning of INDEPENDENCE, for individuals as well as for our country, I appreciate more and more the fundamentals upon which this United States was established. LIBERTY and JUSTICE are key components in the functioning of a democracy, and the same holds true for the spiritual engagement of we as individuals. We often hear the Sacred Truth that all people are ONE, and it is a vital part of our emergence to learn this in a deep and practical way. Theory will not heal the separation that has divided the human race. FREEDOM, INDEPENDENCE, LIBERTY, and JUSTICE, are the right of all people. In order to embody and to extend that Truth, we must first know those values for ourselves.
In order to know at depth an intimate connection that leads to ONE, autonomy must be firmly established within the individual making that choice. To come into a real and true ability to choose requires a quantum leap in consciousness. To be truly FREE, INDEPENDENT, AT LIBERTY, and to become a stand for JUSTICE, we must integrate and embody what we say we believe in a stable and mature way that demands rigorous honesty and deep integrity. We must let go the notion that other people and outer circumstances are dictating or coloring our inner atmosphere. We must know that we were given in our creation absolute FREEDOM. Mass consciousness need not determine individual consciousness. In that regard, INDEPENDENCE becomes crucial in how we choose to live our spiritual inheritance. LIBERTY is holding to Truth, even when the masses are holding to the illusions of fearful outer appearances. We are invited to recognize the Divine JUSTICE that operates as Law without fail, and to know that this JUSTICE is far superior to human logic.
As these values become firmly established in our consciousness, our experience of this ONE Life becomes more and more JOYFUL and UNLIMITED. Our FREE and INDEPENDENT choice to LOVE leads us to align and to flow with the Universal YES that is the Cosmic Dynamic. Steeped in Divine autonomy, our consciousness literally becomes a space of YES. There is nothing to fight or defend. True FREEDOM is the ability to say YES to whatever is in the moment. And being a space of present moment YES will always lead to JOYFUL UNLIMITED LOVE.
I invite you to join me this month in a devotion to JOYFUL UNLIMITED LOVING YES! FREEDOM is a right and a privilege, and one that bears a responsibility. As we commit ourselves to establishing and maintaining an inner space of Universal FREEDOM, INDEPENDENCE, LIBERTY, JUSTICE, all people are lifted as ONE by those values. It is a choice that’s time has come. And that is cause for great, great JOY.




SATURDAY, JULY 26 10:00AM-4:00PM












Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Just prior to beginning this months RADICAL EXPRESSION Ezine, I returned to the May edition to re-read what I had written in honor of Mothers Day. As I stated in last months blog, I believe more than ever that a great deal of the impetus for our Souls emergence is represented in the energetic relationship we have with our parental figures. While there are often challenges in these primary relationships, they also contain the seeds of transformation that flower into the transcendence of karmic imprints necessary for our incarnational purposes. I also strongly resonate with the notion that the healing of our father/mother issues leads us to a healed relationship in the Ultimate Source of All Being.
It has been my experience this lifetime to be much more aligned with the mother archetype and with the mother figure, as my father contracted a progressive brain disorder fairly early in my childhood. While in his early thirties, this health challenge had the effect of slowly dimming my Dads mental faculties, eventually leading to his transition at the age of 49. By the time I was 15, he didn’t even know who I was. While this was an epic emotional blow, I also appreciate its significance in the spiritual evolution of not only my Soul, but also the Souls of my father and the entire family.
In the May blog, I spoke about the energetic of “mother” as representing the quality of attention in which we live. Remember that I am not speaking of the mother as a person, but as a vibrational matrix of perceptions. The inner space in which we live, the felt sense inner atmosphere of our withinness is what I am referring to as the mother attention. The father energetic is the impetus of intention, the ability to create in physicality here on earth. The mother may be thought of as Being, while the father is the act of doing. In an integrated Soul, the two energetics are in balance, regardless of the gender of the person. They support each other in allowing for easy and graceful conscious co-creation. The mother quality of attention is affirmative and supportive of the father intention as it sets about creating what is seeking to be manifested. If the quality of the mothering attention is skewed by unworthiness or disdain, the art of intentioning and of embodying that intention by action will be challenging and laborious at best. If the intentioning is forced and controlled, with no contemplation of the quality of attention that surrounds such doing, the mother will in effect be abused by the unconscious attempt at manipulated over-action.
We are all here in this earthly realm to open to, align with, and embody as the First Cause of Infinite Being. We do this as we balance the qualities of attention and intention first in our withinness, and then in all of our consciously imbued actions. Regardless of our parental histories, we are each privileged and responsible to mother and to father ourselves in our earthly incarnations. This takes nothing away from Mom and Dad. In fact, as we recognize the importance of their roles in our spiritual evolution, it gives renewed dignity to the commandment to honor our parents. While I largely did not have the presence of a father to fulfill the traditional functions that a father usually fulfills, it has been my lesson to father myself in the areas that have been challenged by that loss. That isn’t always easy for me. It often feels awkward and unfamiliar. That is when I am called to surround myself with the compassion and caring of my own mothering quality of attention.
And what, dear friends, are you feeling called to father at this point in your Soulful emergence? Perhaps the joyful manifestation of whatever that is for you is your own honoring of the father energy pattern that we all get to become while here on this precious earth.

JUNE 24TH 7:30PM

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


As summer is heating up here in South Florida, and the school year is coming to an end, I am feeling an urge to lay back a little and simply stare at the passing clouds. I was stopped today at the direction of a crossing guard, and I gleefully watched the sea of children that passed before my car. Such a variety of sizes, colors, ethnicity's- all totally engaged in the journey of heading home. Not in the destination, no. They were laughing, chasing, teasing, tugging, running, calling out as if their utilization of the current moment was all that mattered in the entire world. What brilliant little teachers! I found myself so mesmerized in watching them that I barely saw the guard waving me on to where I was headed. My destination seemed much less important after watching my little gurus. I was tempted to pull over and park, and perhaps skip along behind them. At the very least, I was drawn to the attitude of abandon that they were so joyously displaying.

As much as I always loved school, I LOVED the feeling of summer vacation equally as much. The feeling of freedom, of lack of structure was so very appealing. It still is at times. I am by nature a fairly disciplined person, and I also love times of total non-doing and playfulness. I think all humans, children and adults, need those times of "no-time." Of kicking back, and really letting go. Of sitting and staring, or laughing and dancing. Often times, adults lose the art of playfulness. The role of being grown up and responsible, while certainly appropriate in many instances, can be a burdensome task if we don't take regular time outs. Even spirituality can be approached with a heaviness that makes it another "to do" on an already crowded to do list.

Particularly in the north, the approaching Memorial Day weekend is the entrance into summer vacation time. It begins, as the song says, those "lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer." Perhaps we could all take a cue from my little school age friends and invite some added playtime in the coming days and weeks. Perhaps we could allow playtime to be a non-negotiable. Perhaps we could really, beyond cliche, enjoy the journey through this miracle of life without focusing on a set destination. There are truly wonders all around us, but they require a sense of inner-wonder to notice what is about.

Stare at the clouds. Dance under the stars. Race a squirrel up a tree. Laugh loudly and love outrageously. For no reason other than that you can. After all- summer is almost here.


Monday, May 5, 2008


I am unashamed to say right here on the World-wide Web that I am a man with mother issues. I was, and probably still am to some extent, a mama’s boy. This issue is not limited to just the woman who birthed me into this world. I have always been surrounded by a number of wonderful women who have mothered me to varying degrees. As this is the month where mothers are acknowledged with their very own day, I thought I would contemplate in print this rich relationship with “mother,” and what it means at this point in my journey.
I have always been profoundly informed by the metaphysical meaning behind the parental relationships I have known in this incarnation. I believe that we each are birthed into families whereby we may know a maximal amount of spiritual growth. Where there are challenges regarding the relationships with the mother and the father archetypal patterns, represented in the challenges with the men and women who parent us in our physicality, there is great potential in terms of healing our way into the full Knowing of our Source. One of the challenges that may present its self as the archetypal mother is the quality of attention in which we hold ourselves, and in which we perceive we are being held. In Truth, there is an aspect of the Universe that is as a Vast, All-loving womb. It holds all of creation in Its Ever Inclusive embrace. We are each moving about eternally in the Glow of Its All-Loving gaze.
This is very often not the case in terms of our human parentage. All parents are doing the very best that they can based on their current level of consciousness, so there is no blame in any unskillfulness. Amid the very best of intentions, children are often surrounded in fear-based parameters and over-protective scrutiny. The desire to give children the very best of up bringing can leave children with a sense of inadequacy and inferiority. We are reared to believe that we are worthwhile when our behaviors are deemed acceptable, rather than for whom we are at the core of being. If a mother is over scrutinizing, the inner atmosphere of the child will bear this same energetic. That child then brings the quality of attention to adulthood, and tries in myriad ways to compensate for the perceived inner lack.
The healing of this inner atmosphere is the aligning with the Mother aspect of the Universe, and allowing ourselves to live in the embrace of that which gives us Life. We need do nothing to earn the Love that is our Source. Everything that we do is held in an unconditional acceptance uncommon in human experience. Even as I tend to always be surrounded by many “mothers” in the human dimension, we are all surrounded by and In the Mother of One. It is a Cosmic womb of unwavering love, mercy, compassion. It beckons us to come home and to rest within Her. It invites us to align and to entrain in this same loving energy, and to live and to give of Its all-nurturing nature. The quality of the Known Universal Mother is the quality of our attention. The quality of our attention, the attention in which we live, is the very quality of our life experience.
My “mother issue” is one of letting go of the number of ways that I scrutinize and find myself wanting. I am devoted at this point in my emergence to being ever mindful of the Cosmic Mothering Embrace in which I dwell. When I find myself faultfinding, I relax open in the One that Knows me beyond what I think I know about myself. I listen to the Universal heartbeat of One Mother Love, and I am brought to Peace. The In-spring of this unwavering Love lifts me up, and sets me free.
Gee, thanks Mom.

MAY 27, 2008 7:30 PM

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


My attention has been called recently and repeatedly to a wonderful former Carnegie Mellon Science professor named Randy Pausch. Randy is a man in his late forties, married with three small children. He is an extremely popular professor known for his unwavering dedication to positivity, and to encouraging students to dare to be all that they can be. He has a contagious philosophy of life that is steeped in the belief in the goodness of life, and the power of risk and choice as elements of transcending what we think is limiting us.
There is a tradition at Carnegie Mellon of professors giving what is known as the “last lecture.” This is an opportunity for teachers to share their overall personal philosophy of life, independent of whatever subject they are normally presenting to students. Pausch was asked, and agreed, to give his “last lecture” in 2007. As he was preparing for this talk, he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. His “last lecture” turned out to be his literal last lecture. Randy is still living, beyond the medical odds, but did not choose to return to his position with the university. He chooses instead to spend his time making beautiful memories for his wife and children, and in very consciously courting a living legacy for those he will soon leave behind. If you are interested, you can join millions who have already watched Randy Pausch’s last lecture on You Tube.
As I soon will add another digit to this incarnation, I watch the stunning example of this courageous man with particular interest and admiration. While I have mostly moved beyond a place in life of having specific goals or aspirations, I am cognizant of the desire to leave a conscious legacy for those who will be left when I make my human transition. Witnessing the qualities, attributes, lessons, and legacy that Pausch finds most important invites me to revisit that same type of inquiry. If I were to give a “last lecture,” what is it that I would say? What is most essential to my Soul, and to what am I most committed to expressing while on this human journey here on earth? More importantly than perhaps giving a last lecture, am I living that legacy today? Is the sphere that I have inhabited a better place vibrationally because I have been here? How consciously am I contributing to the whole on a daily basis, and how much is my own heartfulness uplifting the race consciousness? What may I be withholding, and what would it take for me to give open through that contraction?
I have never particularly longed for longevity itself, yet I am vitally interested in squeezing every drop of juice out of the time that I spend here in this body and upon this earth. That has at times proven to be a challenge for me. Overcoming that challenge, transcending my own darkness is integral to the legacy that I am speaking of here. The way in which I love through my challenges uplifts the human whole. I have been blessed with multiple way-showers, and I return that favor by blazing a trail of transformation and transcendence for others to follow at will. Just as I have been blessed by the lessons of Randy Pausch, I give of my talents and creativity with the prayer that my service will bless those who are meant to receive my gifts.
I choose to live this day as though I too had received a diagnosis calling for a more conscious way of being. I choose to live this day full out, loving open all the places that tend to remain closed from the wounds of the past. We never know when our last word will be our last word, and so I will to speak consciously, wakefully, and with love. And that truly is the essence of what I want my legacy to be: LOVE. I know that the purpose of my incarnation is to open into and to give passionately of the Love that is my Source and is my gift. It is in giving Love that my legacy is fulfilled. That is ultimately the only lesson to be learned.
And what dear friends would you say in the giving of your last lecture?

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Tuesday, April 1, 2008


As this is the month of my birth, I am especially reflective during April. I spend more quality time glancing back at where I have been, and I listen more deeply to where I am now being led in this next year of my incarnation. While it is my intention and more and more my experience of maintaining the majority of my attention centered in the present moment, I also find it helpful to periodically allow a perusal of where the journey of this life has taken me, and how that past is contributing to where I am now, and where I am headed next.
I am fascinated by the vast amount of power that memory has regarding the overall quality of our life experiences. I admit that there are times now when memory seems to elude me in ways that is sometimes disturbing and often embarrassing. Generally speaking, however, I have an amazing recall of what often amounts to relatively inconsequential bits of information. This is in and of its self benign. It is the astounding clarity with which I can recall painful moments that tends to give me more pause. The memories of perceived loss, limitation, slights, failures, unskillfulness can seem as brick walls in the way of preceding where my guidance seems to be leading me. Painful memories literally consume precious life force, and become a lens through which we often obscure what is actually happening in and around us in present time.
We humans live a great deal of our lives caught in the trance of the past. While I do believe that insight may be gleaned from glancing backward, staring into the past and basing our present on what has been robs us of the beauty of the now, and the potential of our innate spiritual Power. We so often do not even recognize that we are doing this. If the mind is the default that you most often utilize in decision-making and even general day-to-day navigation, the past is the guidepost by which you are most often governed. The past becomes a kind of perceptual prison, limiting the number of available choices in any given moment. These perceptions become our own personal “probability factor.” We each live within a Universal matrix of Infinite, Unlimited Possibility. That Possibility, however, isn’t experientially available to all of us equally. The determining factor is consciousness, and the power of memory is a factor in the shaping of consciousness. A question that I have learned to love dancing with is “how new is this now?” This feels especially powerful as the number of my years spent adds another digit. Aging often seems to lead people in the belief in minimized choices. People often become more “set in their ways.” A common mantra is “it’s the way we’ve always done it.” Well, perhaps it is time to do it a different way. In order to do that, a different relationship to memory and to the past needs to be established.
What I have done and not done in the past cannot be changed, but the perceptual interpretation of it can be. That is how memories that limit may be transcended. Taking our memories into the heart can be extremely beneficial, and can lead to a freedom that lifts us beyond the pain of our pasts. This is of course another way of saying that forgiveness is the accessing of a Memory that is beyond time and space. This ancient Memory isn’t accessed through the surface mind, yet is ever available through the portal of the heart. If you find yourself stuck in a past perception that is preventing forward movement, allow yourself to drop down into the Sacred heart center where Light beams Its Self through every memory. That Light has always been a guiding Force, no matter how obscured it may have seemed at times.
I remember a lovely woman once approaching me after a lecture on living in the now, and releasing the power of memory in favor of living in the present. An octogenarian, she implored me with such pathos to “not deprive her of her memories. Its all I have.” I so recall that personal memory of mine with great compassion in my heart. And I also recognize that memories are never all we have. We always have the present moment, and it is so very rich, vibrant, vital, and full. As many wonderful memories as I have of the past, they pale in comparison to a fully experienced and heartfully embraced now. And in the fullness of the now, the painful memories, that can seem so very determined, are transmuted by the Light of Presence.
If there are memories that are still invading your sense of peace, court them in the spaciousness of the heart. Allow the Light of presence to shine in and through them, embracing an expanded sense of what they mean or meant. Memories that limit are memories that are in need of forgiveness. The past and the future truly are a continuous, ever-flowing now. As James Thurber once stated,” look not back in regret, or forward in fear, but around in wonder.” The ancient Memory is everywhere present. Allow It to lead you in an experience of truly being new in the now.

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008


As this is in the Christian tradition what is known as Holy Week, I have been reflecting on the religious teachings of my earlier life, and feeling the relationship that I have with that theology at this point in my spiritual emergence. I am blessed to have been reared in a home that, despite its many challenges, gifted me with a deep and profound immersion in a church that provided for me a great foundation for what would be a life-long quest for all that is sacred. I spent large amounts of my youth active in that church, and even toured nationally performing gospel music in a wide array of venues. This background, coupled with a year of Christian Seminary, gave me a solid base of Biblical information that would play a vital role in where I spiritually live today.
I recognize now that I have had a profound and ever changing relationship to the theology of crucifixion and resurrection, and with the role that Jesus plays in the broader scheme of Cosmic awakening. I was taught as a child that Jesus was a perfect man, the only begotten Son of God, who came to redeem me and my sinfulness from an eternal punishment in the fires of hell. Easter was a celebration of the literal and miraculous overcoming by Jesus of the death that occurred via crucifixion, a sign that the price for all of humankind’s evil ways had been paid. Jesus had appeased
the wrath of God, and now all who believe and testify to his supremacy will rise up at the final judgment to live eternally in a geographic heaven. Those who deny his name will be banished to an eternal suffering, made very graphic in the religion of my youth.
A significant percentage of the world’s population embraces this theology, as indeed does my family of origin. I honor and reverence that belief as a perfect place of unfoldment for all those on that particular path. I certainly see it differently now than I did in my youth, and I continue to notice an ongoing evolution of that theology as it relates to my own personal relationship in the One.
I have come to know for myself that the death of an innocent and compassionate avatar named Yeshua (Hebrew) by such hideous means had nothing to do with the Will of the One that Is and can only Be prefect, all-enveloping Love. In the Sight of G-awed, there is no ransom to be paid, and no evil to be redeemed. Those are shadow perceptions of a guilt-laden human race, trapped in the chains of ego guilt and self-aversion. The crucifixion was a deed of people: people who greatly feared the message of self-empowerment that Yeshua came to deliver. He was an actualized Jew, and didn’t come to create a new and divisive religion. I believe he came to merge his own I Am identity In Source, and then to demonstrate the Power of the Union to as many who would listen. It was a message of transcendence, of overcoming. The resurrection that he spoke of was an energy pattern of transformation, of breaking free of the identification with the ego thought system that has us nailed to the forces of the world. He took his place in the middle of the horizontal and vertical axis of human experience, (the cross) and showed how complete devotion to awakening could result in a radical transformation in consciousness. This transformation resulted in his ability to see right through the human drama, and he was able to forgive even those who murdered him. He knew deeply that it was human unskillfulness coming from a forgetfulness of Source. He quite literally embodied the I Am Presence. Had he remained in judgment of those who killed him, he would have energetically been aligned in crucifixion, which is a mind pattern of ego duality, guilt, judgment, condemnation, retribution, and an identification with the perceptual story of the separate self. His forgiveness freed him from the forces of the mind and of the world, and I actually see that the resurrection occurred before the crucifixion, on the level of his Soul. Whether or not a physical resurrection occurred is secondary for me. His transcendence in consciousness uplifted the entire race heart-mind, regardless of what religious tradition you do or don’t identify with. The message, though often bogged down in theology, is most relevant to me today as I embody the demonstration he made for humans who are called to his example: complete and total devotion to the Source of All Is One. Coming to Know Absolute Union, my human experience is dedicated to spiritual awakening and to being a channel of Sacred Light while here in my human incarnation. I am here to release any misperceptions of evil, guilt, judgment and shame, and to allow my Self to shine through any situation that seems to be devoid of the Allness of G-awed.
Today I recognize that crucifixion and resurrection are energy patterns in consciousness. When I am in Remembrance of Source, and seeing the world and all who dwell here as Essence emanations of One Holiness, I am a living example of resurrection. When I fall into the forgetfulness of ego-mind identification, I sense that I am separate from Source and so suffer the myriad effects of that false and often tragic belief. That is my crucifixion. The only salvation I am in need of is the notion that I need to be saved. Though often unskillful in my humanity, my Essence Divinity is never dimmed. This transcendence of mind could as easily be called the Passover as it is the resurrection. Though they fall at different calendar times this year, they symbolically are the same message. In the Ultimate sense, there is no death, and certainly not one that is ordained by the Source of All Life.

I invite you this Holy Week to know and to celebrate your own Holiness, and to see all you encounter in this same, Sacred Light. If the bondage of self-identification places you on the cross, know that resurrection is a breath of prayer away. Holiness is the Essence of the True Self, and it is in and to that Holiness that we are here to awaken to.


Monday, March 3, 2008


The beginning days of March often remind me of an oldwives tale common in the Midwest of my childhood; if March begins like a lion, it will go out like a lamb. The reverse of that simile is also said to be true. In the unpredictable early spring of Ohio, I remember wishing for a lion-like March 1, so that the beauty of the “lamb” would usher in the friendliness of a passing winter.
Sacred texts also use the illustration of the lion and the lamb, although in a very different context. It is said that in the “end-days” of the human age, the lion shall lay down with the lamb in perfect tranquility. While I do not embrace the usual prophesies surrounding this image, I have and continue to love the metaphysical meaning behind this peace-filled picture.
The lion is symbolically representative of COURAGE, while the lamb represents INNOCENCE. Spiritually, COURAGE and INNOCENCE, shall “lie down,” or co-exist perfectly when the dualistic, warring mind has been stilled. The INNOCENCE that is referred to here is not what is usually thought of as innocence. In fact, it is an INNOCENCE that is beyond the thinking mind altogether. At the level of perception, innocence is known only in contrast to guilt. This is because perception is born of the dualistic mind, and therefore is expressed in terms of comparison. Spiritually, INNOCENCE is not known in contrast or comparison. The Supreme One is the author of all INNOCENCE, and what is One can know no contrast. INNOCENCE doesn’t refer to the realm of mind or its perceptions. It isn’t in opposition of guilt or the subsequent unskillful attitudes or behavior. INNOCENCE refers to ESSENCE, and ESSENCE is Divine by Its very nature. The mind cannot know True INNOCENCE. Only the sacred heart can recognize the Essence of Divine INNOCENCE. It can only be perceived via Inspiration and Divine Illumination. As we look at the world and its myriad appearances of separation and dislocation, there is much evidence of what appears to be guilt, darkness, and even evil. Again- this is due to the fact that the world is of the dualistic mind, and is usually perceived through the mind. A different and expanded Vision is called for if we choose to see the INNOCENCE of the lamb. We are called to evoke the Presence that is in Truth all Knowing and everywhere present, and is beyond notions of right/wrong, dark/Light, and good/bad. It takes great COURAGE while in this world to see through the perceptual chaos of appearances, and to hold to a Vision of Divine INNOCENCE that is indeed transcendent of the world. In Eastern thought, this Vision is referred to as the single eye focus. When with our sacred-hearts we decide to only look for INNOCENCE, a new and expanded lens of Illumination becomes available to us, and we no longer confuse appearances of unskillfulness for the Essence of Truth. Our internal COURAGEOUS lion co-exists perfectly with the lamb-like Essence of INNOCENCE, and that Vision begins to create the reality of heaven-consciousness right here on earth.
While it is tempting to embrace and to think of extending this spiritual COURAGEOUS INNOCENCE into the world we see around us, it is our very own withinness that is first in need of transformation. We are called to weed out every bit of perceptual guilt that has taken root in our dualistic perceptual minds. This guilt is mostly in the depths of the unconscious, so spiritual devotion and expanded Stillness are requirements for this type of clearing. We must tease out the stories we have made of ourselves, and the primordial guilt of separation we feel as a result of our forgetfulness of Source. Again, this type of deep forgiveness demands the COURAGE of a lion, and the INNOCENT Surrender of a baby lamb. The result is a blossoming springtime in consciousness in which buds of higher perception begin to naturally come forth from our renewed inner realities.
I invite each of you reading this to adopt the COURAGE to Know your own innate spiritual INNOCENCE, and then to expand that inner Vision to include everyone and everything you look upon this day, this month, this NOW. A great age of INNOCENCE is coming forth from a mass Awakening in consciousness, and this Awakening will give birth to a new earth and a now INNOCENCE of the human race. It begins in each and every one of us. It is a choice for Vision. It is in fact a choice for G-awed. Choose the COURAGE of Faithfulness in what is Truth, and release the illusory appearances of what can never be Real. In Truth there is only INNOCENCE, and in INNOCENCE, there is only Love. As contradictory as this is to the perceptions and even theology of this world, it is the COURAGEOUS evoking of INNOCENCE that will usher in the new age of Truth sometimes referred to as heaven on earth. See only with the single eye of Truth, and INNOCENCE is all you will see.



I invite you to join me for a day of exploration and celebration of these very inquiries. In the tranquil setting of the Cenacle Spiritual Life Retreat Center, on the Intracoastal in Lantana, we will share in a time of discovery and reflection of what it means to Live and to Love each day in the GREATNESS of the expansive, Soulful Self. We will allow five powerful energetic frequencies to guide us into a wider clearer, more focused vision of what is calling to us at this demarcation of our Souls journey.
The workshop will consist of a mixture of lecture, discussion, personal reflection, individual coaching, and group visioning.

SATURDAY, MARCH 15, 2008 10:00AM-3:00PM
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Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I am delighted to welcome all of you to! This web site has been a co-creation of love that I have so enjoyed playing and praying into being with my friend and "cyber goddess" Amber Pompeo. I am thrilled that it is being launched on Valentines Day, because it truly is a gift of love that we are pleased to offer to all who are led to it. Please peruse each section, and consider signing up for the monthly E-zine and periodic blogs, to the right of this message. Those who were on my former distribution will no longer receive postings without signing up here on the new site.

Launching this site during the Heart Month of Love is a powerful metaphor for me, because I so strongly feel that each and every moment of our human experience is a chance and a choice to launch ourselves into this world as a heart filled with love. Creating a web site is so analogous to how we create our lives via our own consciousness. I chose within this creative process the colors, the words, the images, the topics that most represented what is primary and integral to my Soul. I wanted this site to represent the core of who I am, and to best reflect the gifts that I know I am here to give while I am incarnated upon this earth. The process included choosing and re-choosing, editing and re-arranging. It is a similar process to what occurs in awakening consciousness; we develop a new spaciousness of awareness wherein we are able to view and to witness our own perceptual systems. We look at the content of our minds much like we view the content of a web-site. When we discover perceptions, ideas, images that no longer feel appropriate or authentic, we don't need to fight or struggle. We simply begin the editing process, surrendering into new perceptions that are more aligned with our current place in consciousness. Just as I have had the eager assistance of Amber, we each have a Higher Self of Spirit that is equally eager to help us in coming to a new state of inner Being, more representative of Who we are in Truth. And this assistance is connected to the Universal Genius of the One and Only Powerful Presence that Is the All-ness of Source! The shifting and the expanding of consciousness is why we are here. We are each here on earth to co-create fabulous web site lives of Divine Love! We are here to soar on the wings of Spirit, and to magnify the Essence of the One Who gives us life. As my logo states, we are here to give way to spirits Essence, Emergence, Expansion, and Expression. I believe we are born to Be the embodied YES of Spirit right here on earth. I believe this site will demonstrate that I am all about that.

Again- welcome, welcome, welcome. There is a contact link here on the site, and also easy ways to purchase writings and services. If there is any way that I may serve you, don't hesitate to contact me. Please remember to sign up for the E-Zine/Blog if you choose to receive it.

Much Love to you all, and thanks for visiting my new home!


Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Dear Radical Expression Friends,

I am so very excited To greet you in this the National Heart Month! My heart is filled to overflowing with the pulse of possibility that I feel permeating all of creation at this time in our evolution. It is exciting to be alive at this venture in human emergence. Can you feel it? Do you feel the tug to greatness beyond your personal past? What is it that is seeking you? What wants to gift humanity via your own precious, purposeful Self? Are you living and giving open in the now? Are you choosing the experience of your moments, and the contemplations of your heart? That is my prayer for you. For each and every one of you. I become that prayer by living into those very questions on a daily and moment to moment basis.
I have devoted this year of 2008 to LIVING, LOVING, AND GIVING GREAT: and so I am Being and doing just that.
It feels more and more clear to me with each passing day that at the very heart of spiritual unfoldment is the integrated experience of the Heart Space its self. It has become fairly common now in spiritual circles to speak of coming from the heart rather than from the head. It is most often at this point in our evolution conceptual. It is the minds controlling image of what it means to live in and from the heart. This allows for a continued sense of separation and an unconscious defense that keeps the egoic mind in authority. To truly live from the Sacred heart is to live wide open in each and every moment. It is to stand completely undefended in a state of spacious, vulnerable intimacy. It is a state of such Inner Knowing that the only purpose for being incarnated is to give freely and passionately of the Love we have Remembered we are. It is a revelation that causes a revolution in our individual and so collective consciousness. To live in the Sacred heart is to live radically in Love; Self-Love that extends to all who come into your sphere of experience. I Know deep inside my own Sacred heart that this Loving is why I am here. It is why I was born, and it is the gift I came to give. Many wounds have had to be healed in order to step into that purpose. I am so grateful to relish a new level of Worthiness and Holiness, and I am more than excited to share this Light with all who are drawn to my mission. February is for me a month dedicated especially to “Hearting Love,” and I am all about that!
One of the exciting ways that I am Hearting Love this month is with the launch of my new web-site, It has been months in the co-creation, and I have so loved working with my wondrous cyber-friend and Internet goddess Amber Pompeo. This will be the last Radical Expression E-Zine you will receive in this format. To continue receiving this and other materials from me, you will need to go to the web-site and sign up for the distribution list on or after February 14th. There is a category called “ E-ZINE-BLOG,” which is where you may sign up in whatever formats you wish to receive. If you no longer wish to be on the distribution, you need do nothing. I do hope you will check out the site on Valentines Day, and know that it is a great gift of love from Amber and myself. You will be able to experience multiple sources of inspiration from the site, in addition to purchasing sessions and writings right on-line. I am seeing the potentiality of expansion into a powerful online community that I am prayerful will be a blessing to all who are drawn to it. I will send a reminder closer to the day of the love-launch.
At this time of Radical expansion in our consciousness and on our earth, I encourage you to spend some time each day consciously aligning in the Love that created and sustains you. Love your self from your Self. Let that be a dedicated spiritual practice. As humans with free volition, we are responsible for letting ourselves be loved. With so much misguided theology informing the human race, this is no small feat. Devote this month to expanding into your sacred Heart Space, and into Living the Love you are in Truth. It is for that purpose and experience that we are here.
Know that I am Loving you.
In Awe Yes,