Thursday, January 26, 2017


It certainly seems that RESIST is the word that is dominantly trending in our culture at this time. It is a dynamic, a force that is activated against what is externally happening. It results in an internal reaction, a pushing against what is undesired. This can and does happen at both the individual and collective level. While it is my intention to live in as much non-resistance as possible I do not see resistance as an enemy. That would be resisting resistance, and a futile waste of energy and precious life force.

Resistance is a masterful teacher when we begin to have a wakeful relationship to it. It is often said that what we resist, persists. That is an accurate summation of how this aspect of consciousness works. And it is a bit too tidy to be of much use.

Resistance is often a reaction to perceived injustice. In that way it is for me an angel seeking my attention and my appropriate action. Just as I learned many years ago in physical fitness class resistance can, if applied carefully and mindfully, result in added strength. If misused and too long sustained resistance can also result in depletion, injury, and burnout. To achieve a balance the spiritual activist is called to deal directly and prayerfully to the resistance happening in their own energy system. To bring presence to the level of resistance will glean the power and the energy from the increased contraction, making it useful and imbued.

When resistance is born of hatred and unbridled rage it is toxic to all concerned. When it is harnessed and spiritually aimed it is love-based and transformative. This is resistance training at its best. It moves us from a deeply seated mysticism to a radiating useful prophesy. When we use resistance it can no longer use us. Injustice, domination, abuse, and bigotry will always result in backlash. This is healthy and appropriate. How we address them will either bring about more of the toxicity or will transmute the energy into justice, freedom, dignity, and equality. To fight hatred from a place of hatred will only bring about more hatred. And to pretend there is no injustice will allow this cancer to kill and to destroy.

It is time for our culture to become the democracy we claim to be. “With liberty and justice for all” is a magnificent declaration of heaven on earth. When it is violated resistance will arise. Harnessing it peacefully, mindfully, lovingly, and in focused community will bring about the state of Union this country is to become. A culture of resistance then can become a culture of spiritual radiance. But we each must learn to have a conscious relationship to the energy of resistance. That is an inside job regardless of what is happening in the external realm.

What you resist indeed does persist. And so does what you love. What you cherish and hold dear. Take a stand for what is right and true within your heart. March, carry a sign, and chant. And harness the energy of resistance and aim it as love. It then must become reality.

Thursday, January 5, 2017


I have long taught that people should always move with the flow of that which they love. It is only in retrospect I see that until I began being true to the song within my heart, really giving myself permission to sing that song out loud, that I began to come alive. I didn’t know that what I love could also invoke fear in terms of giving it expression. I let the fear stop me, assuming that it was a sign that I shouldn’t pursue what seemed to be seeking expression.

When I began to realize that the fear was simply an energy related to my own expansion I began to use the fear as power, and the fear no longer used me. It was liberation at its best.

I love to write. I love finding words that resonate with feelings in my heart and the aliveness in my body. I have received a fair amount of criticism over the years about my writing, and I often notice a wince when I am about to post or present something I have written. Over time I have allowed that wince to soften into an internal wink that I gift myself with. I have not let it detract one bit from the joy I get from expressing my love in the form of words.

I do not pretend to be a great technician of grammar or syntax. Heck, I have enough trouble just trying to spell. I write to an internal harmonic that flows inside of me. There is a cadence that I choose to follow. When I try and step out of that harmonic the words fall flat and the whole process deadens. I follow the flow and the words pour forth.

My prayer is that these words may touch a few hearts. I believe that if we follow our love’s urgings that they do somehow become gifts. But I do not write for approval or accolades. I write because I must. Because my love seeks to become form and I say yes to that seeking.

And so in these beginning days of this New Year I feel the stirring in my heart and I follow the internal symphonic, the cadence that is seeking to become words. I ready for the likely wince and I give it a wink. I flow forth the song in my being and I offer it to you. Sing along if you choose, or delete and move in.

I have honored my instinct, and that is what I am here to do.