Thursday, October 27, 2016


You are enough.

Please take a breath. Let that it. Let it land. Feel it in your heart and in your gut.

You are enough.

You have always been enough. Yep. No matter what the culture, education, religion, society, others may tell you. You are already enough just as you are.

When you finally know the truth that you are enough you will see that everyone is enough.

And beyond that you will realize that there is enough.

There is always enough to go around. Scarcity is a scary, mind-generated perception. It feels real and it is not.

You are enough and there is enough.

Enough said.

Thursday, October 20, 2016


Though it is somewhat embarrassing to me at this point in my life I admit that I paid little to no attention to anything political until I was in my mid to late thirties. There are concrete reasons behind that fact that are beyond the scope of this essay. As I have grown older, and I trust more mature, I have experienced an evolutionary relationship to local, national, and world affairs. The level of engagement has fixed and waned, as has what I allow it all to mean about me and my own level of consciousness.

I have never experienced as toxic or vitriolic a political climate as has been exuded the past sixteen to eighteen months. It truly has been incredible. I have remained mostly awake to the fact that the entire mess is reflecting what needs to be out pictured of the collective human shadow. I have used it as a personal exercise in what it is I need to see about me. Every trigger, charge, projection is a potential blessing. It is all potential internal growth. Each and every encounter is also a chance to make a conscious contribution. Please note that I said CONSCIOUS contribution. We as energetic beings are always contributing something to the Universal Field. If I believe and identify with my triggers and judgments of what I am seeing and hearing on the political stage I am literally amping up what it is I am in judgment of. If I scream at the TV or at social media I energetically add war to the world. If I instead bring a presencing awareness to the charges and the triggers in my own energy system, praying through the chaos and asking to be shown what needs to be integrated in me, I cast a vote for peace within me and in my world. It is a moment by moment choice. Increasing choice is a hallmark of spiritual maturity. And increasing choice and maturity are a result of persistent and dedicated practice.

I do have a strong preference in terms of the outcome of this election. And I have a stronger desire to hold to the underlying truth of all those involved, especially those with whom I disagree. I am committed to staying awake to the distinction between behavior and Beingness, between ideology and Source illumination. I have already cast my ballot as an American citizen, and I continue to cast a vote for Love in each and every interaction with what is unfolding. It isn’t always easy. I strongly and vehemently disagree with many of the ideas being shared. And I have used the Biblical admonition “cast the first stone” as a mantra. I have allowed my judgments to open the way for a clearing in me. I am personally more passionate and purposeful regarding liberty for all people. And that liberty is granted to those who hold opposing positions to what I hold personally dear.

I continue to pray “show me: me.” Let me see my own lovelessness. Let me see the places where perception and programming obscure presence. Let me see me, and let me be a continual vote for Love.

Thursday, October 6, 2016


We are hard wired for both protection and connection.

Reread that. Or allow me: we are hard wired for both protection and connection.

The relationship between those two hardwired systems is what could be termed awakening.

I write these words as a category four hurricane is moving toward where I live here in south Florida. I am riding the waves between protecting myself and those I love from what could be catastrophic effects of an enormous storm, and the moment by moment choice to connect to what is true, authentic, and constant within me. The former feels contracting, and the latter expanding. There is a definite rhythm. There is a birthing happening within me. I have worked far too long at authenticity to claim there is no fear. I am grateful to no longer shut that system down. Fear is a natural and healthy response to what is aiming its force at an area and at people I have grown to love these twenty one years here. I have felt the force of multiple hurricanes during that time, and I remember well the force, the fury, and the unpredictability.

I also remember and have witnessed already this storm cycle the way in which people can show up at their best during these times. There is an underlying vulnerability and powerlessness when facing these events. We come together to protect ourselves in ways that prudent, wise, and discerning. The beauty for me is that as opposed to what so often happens in day to day living is that these protective activities are done with a broader sense of connection. We help each other. We check on each other. We pray with each other. We know at a deeper level that we are truly in this together. There is only so much we can do when faced with 140 mile per hour winds. But the force of our caring, connection, and compassion is unstoppable. The sense of being vulnerable actually moves us from protection to connection. It is a bridge. Our armor is melted by the natural impulse to care about something greater than ourselves. If we do not shut down in the intensity of fear we are opened into an intimacy of love. Of belonging. Of connection.

I have received and I have made multiple calls simply for the sake of conscious connection. I am beaming my energy to all those who have been and are likely to be affected by this storm. I have taken the precautions I needed to take in the name of protection. And now my attention is zeroed in on connection. My attention is on being completely and authentically connected and embracing of everything that is arising in me. My attention is on embracing all those that I know I love, and all those I love by virtue of our shared humanity. I am committed to being a category five force of love, connection, and belonging. As the storm gets louder I will feel the instinctual protective reaction, and I will meet it with a loving response.

I am hardwired for both protection and connection. I am a moment by moment choice for connection.