Thursday, October 20, 2016


Though it is somewhat embarrassing to me at this point in my life I admit that I paid little to no attention to anything political until I was in my mid to late thirties. There are concrete reasons behind that fact that are beyond the scope of this essay. As I have grown older, and I trust more mature, I have experienced an evolutionary relationship to local, national, and world affairs. The level of engagement has fixed and waned, as has what I allow it all to mean about me and my own level of consciousness.

I have never experienced as toxic or vitriolic a political climate as has been exuded the past sixteen to eighteen months. It truly has been incredible. I have remained mostly awake to the fact that the entire mess is reflecting what needs to be out pictured of the collective human shadow. I have used it as a personal exercise in what it is I need to see about me. Every trigger, charge, projection is a potential blessing. It is all potential internal growth. Each and every encounter is also a chance to make a conscious contribution. Please note that I said CONSCIOUS contribution. We as energetic beings are always contributing something to the Universal Field. If I believe and identify with my triggers and judgments of what I am seeing and hearing on the political stage I am literally amping up what it is I am in judgment of. If I scream at the TV or at social media I energetically add war to the world. If I instead bring a presencing awareness to the charges and the triggers in my own energy system, praying through the chaos and asking to be shown what needs to be integrated in me, I cast a vote for peace within me and in my world. It is a moment by moment choice. Increasing choice is a hallmark of spiritual maturity. And increasing choice and maturity are a result of persistent and dedicated practice.

I do have a strong preference in terms of the outcome of this election. And I have a stronger desire to hold to the underlying truth of all those involved, especially those with whom I disagree. I am committed to staying awake to the distinction between behavior and Beingness, between ideology and Source illumination. I have already cast my ballot as an American citizen, and I continue to cast a vote for Love in each and every interaction with what is unfolding. It isn’t always easy. I strongly and vehemently disagree with many of the ideas being shared. And I have used the Biblical admonition “cast the first stone” as a mantra. I have allowed my judgments to open the way for a clearing in me. I am personally more passionate and purposeful regarding liberty for all people. And that liberty is granted to those who hold opposing positions to what I hold personally dear.

I continue to pray “show me: me.” Let me see my own lovelessness. Let me see the places where perception and programming obscure presence. Let me see me, and let me be a continual vote for Love.