Thursday, March 31, 2011


I have long loved a reinterpretation of what is termed “The Lord’s Prayer” by the wonderful scholar and mystic Neil Douglas Klotz. The beginning stanza contains the line


There is something that emanates from that declarative request that moves deeply within my heart and Soul. It is a prayer that I daily take into my being. It is how I intend to show up on this planet. It is the fountainhead from which my Beingness flows. It points to the very mission that I am engaged in while here in this incarnation. In each and every awakened moment, I am choosing to align myself within the Light of Source. I am choosing to alter my relationship to outer appearances. I am choosing to see differently by shifting the inner lens of my experience. I am allowing a new vision to be born within me, and then I am extending that vision out into the realm of manifest reality. By maintaining an inner, heartful focus, I am not seduced into believing the stories of this world. I am seeing with the Insight of my Soulful Self. And by the Light of that inspired vision, I am courageously taking the actions I am called to take. I am joyfully active in what is mine to do upon his planet. I am celebrating the unfoldment of my self, and the emergence of all others around me. I bring an embrace of compassion and mercy to all the unconsciousness and unskillfulness within me and all those in my sphere of experience. I breathe through the human judging’s of my personality self, and I remain open to having my programmed reactions softened and transformed. I allow my field of consciousness to be made useful by staying in synch within my Source. That is the One and Only Source of Life, of Light, of Love. That Living Light Love is my Essence, and by staying aligned in Who I Am authenticity, I am an agent of change within this world. Who I choose to be is useful when I maintain my focus. My inspiration goes forward as my spontaneous action. Who I choose to be is what I choose to do. My outer experience is directly reflecting my inner choices. I am congruent.

Truth is not theory and It is not concept. If it is integrated Truth it is active and useful. It is the One Truth that becomes a dynamic when embodied by a wakeful Being dedicated to becoming Who they are created to Be. How I am beholding the world in me is transforming everything that I look upon. By staying awake within the One, I am the embodiment of Light that shines through the forms of fear and separation that dominate this world. I allow Source Light to be alive and active in me. I allow myself to be used in service of the great awakening. As my inner world becomes transformed, the entire race consciousness is lifted up. The entire field is Lightened. The Love in my heart is very truly the Light of this world.


Just for today, I am letting the Light of Source shine through my heart, my thoughts, my feelings, my words, my actions. I stay on purpose this day. I remain focused, and I am grateful to be useful. My focused attention is active as I choose to see the Light of Truth in all things. I am using the power of my volition to transform my inner world and so the world at large. To state my prayer in the affirmative present tense:



Monday, March 14, 2011


As I write this mid-month edition of RADICAL EXPRESSION I am very mindful of the growing devastation in Japan. My heart swells with loving compassion for all those who are suffering. I invite you to join me as you read these opening lines in sending Light energy to this part of the One Human Family. Let us hold a vision in our Heart-minds of a return to peacefulness and to Divine Right Action emerging perfectly from all of the chaos. Such nobility, selflessness, and grace are being demonstrated there; so very powerful and inspiring to witness.

I am eternally grateful for a shift that occurred in my heart years ago that allows me to choose to be present to these types of catastrophic world events. There was a time I might have shrugged off a surface “that’s too bad” and a tertiary prayer, then gone about my business with nary a concern. After all, they are people I do not know in a country I know little of. Today I feel a true and deep connection to all peoples of the earth, and I appreciate in a profound way that there isn’t in spiritual reality an actual “us and them.” We truly are One people. It matters to me what is happening to that part of the shared creation. As a part of the One, the way I am choosing to behold this situation matters in its evolutionary out-picturing. My prayers have an effect. My faith is relative to the way this unfolds. That is the gift of an awakened and an engaged spirituality. I care and that caring adds to the healing process half way around the world.

The profound lessons that humanity is facing are lessons for us all. They may be occurring on what is termed foreign soil, but let’s remember that there is one earth and that geographic boundaries are a human device. We as people all over the world have in many ways abused and belittled our precious Mother Earth. Commercialization has replaced caring in a myriad of circumstances. There are certainly some countries and cultures that engage in this diminishment more than others, and any wakeful person will recognize that The United States is a major perpetrator. While I do not believe in a punitive Source, creation does reflect and respond to the energies and the actions that we of self-reflective consciousness are heaping upon our environment. We are witnessing a growing number of devastating natural events, and we must awaken to the fact that this is in direct relation to the chaos and lack of compassion within the collective human consciousness. We are stewards of our Gaia earth, and yet she has a collective wisdom that has been lost in our age of super-technology and vamped up consumerism. The earth is sacred and is an extension of our own body. We will treat the earth with the same quality of attention we bring to our own bodies. And in an age of mind-identification, most people barely realize that they are in a body. When we begin to treat these glorious instruments of incarnation with the caring, dignity, and honor they deserve, we will naturally bring that same honoring presence to the earth we live upon.

We are paying a high price for our pillaging. This living organism is quaking at our disrespect. Our waves of unconsciousness are being matched with literal waves that wash away our structures and tragically our fellow beings. We must awaken to the inseparable connection between earth and its inhabitants, and the profound effect one has upon the other. We must awaken to the responsibility we share for the tending of our earth garden and it waters. We must face the unconscious places in ourselves, and bring peace to the chaos that fills our minds and clouds our hearts. Our every choice matters. Our every decision to come from a higher place within ourselves has an effect in our Unified Field. Our every thought, feeling, action and prayer is a contribution to the whole. How you show up in each moment affects the One. It is time to own our innate power, and in doing so, to heal the earth. We have suffered enough the effects of our unconsciousness. Commit today to awaken and to make a conscious contribution to this glorious realm we have been given. Commit to allowing your individual field of consciousness to be a gift to the people of Japan and to the world as One. Allow this situation to open your heart and to increase your compassion and your wakefulness. Know that your relationship to this situation and to the world at large has an effect. How you care matters. How you attend to your inner world affects the outer world as well. How you treat your body has an effect on the earth. Let’s listen to the teaching of the Mother, and return to the reverencing care that She deserves. She is calling in unmistakable tones. Listen, and return to the love.