Thursday, January 5, 2017


I have long taught that people should always move with the flow of that which they love. It is only in retrospect I see that until I began being true to the song within my heart, really giving myself permission to sing that song out loud, that I began to come alive. I didn’t know that what I love could also invoke fear in terms of giving it expression. I let the fear stop me, assuming that it was a sign that I shouldn’t pursue what seemed to be seeking expression.

When I began to realize that the fear was simply an energy related to my own expansion I began to use the fear as power, and the fear no longer used me. It was liberation at its best.

I love to write. I love finding words that resonate with feelings in my heart and the aliveness in my body. I have received a fair amount of criticism over the years about my writing, and I often notice a wince when I am about to post or present something I have written. Over time I have allowed that wince to soften into an internal wink that I gift myself with. I have not let it detract one bit from the joy I get from expressing my love in the form of words.

I do not pretend to be a great technician of grammar or syntax. Heck, I have enough trouble just trying to spell. I write to an internal harmonic that flows inside of me. There is a cadence that I choose to follow. When I try and step out of that harmonic the words fall flat and the whole process deadens. I follow the flow and the words pour forth.

My prayer is that these words may touch a few hearts. I believe that if we follow our love’s urgings that they do somehow become gifts. But I do not write for approval or accolades. I write because I must. Because my love seeks to become form and I say yes to that seeking.

And so in these beginning days of this New Year I feel the stirring in my heart and I follow the internal symphonic, the cadence that is seeking to become words. I ready for the likely wince and I give it a wink. I flow forth the song in my being and I offer it to you. Sing along if you choose, or delete and move in.

I have honored my instinct, and that is what I am here to do.