Saturday, August 30, 2008


The Psalmist of old sang heartfully” I will lift up mine eyes, to the hills from which comes my help.” The sentiments of this song can be as profound here in the flatlands of Florida as they are in the mountainous regions that inspired such praise. The language of the ancients was not a literal language, which is why much of the juice of our religious writings is lost. Whenever hills, mountains, or higher elevations are mentioned, they are pointing to the higher places of our own elevated consciousness. This even applies to the often mentioned “going to the rooftop to pray.” A perhaps more modern translation of the above Sacred love song might be “ I will lift up my inner vision to the spacious awareness of What is my Source, and Who I am within It. This awareness is my Life, my strength, and my fulfillment in every perceived need.”
As you know if you read the August edition of RADICAL EXPRESSION I have claimed the month of August as a time of inner reflection and outer playfulness. I used the illustration of “going fishing” as my thematic for the month. Well, if in August I had gone fishing, in September I am “heading for the hills.” I will be spending the next two weeks in the beautiful mountains of northern California and southern Oregon. I have long been led to the vibration of higher elevations, and experience quite profoundly and directly the essence of that Psalm. I will spend the next twelve days lifting my inner vision to the highest reaches of my expanding consciousness, consciously vibrating at the frequency of Source. Do I need to go to the mountains to experience this? No. In fact, I am ‘Vibing” at this rate even as I type. And I have found there is great sustenance in stepping out of our daily routines, and spending dedicated time and attention simply connecting in our Highest Being. The energy of the mountains is an energy of reverence, of stillness, of watchfulness, of peace. They seem to me to be sentinels of prayer, giving groundedness to that which is our G-awed.
As this month of September begins, I invite you to join me in consciously “Being In” this elevated consciousness. I invite you to renew your Self in the Presence of What is True. I invite you to come up higher, aligning in the strength and help that comes from a direct experience of Knowing from whence you came. In each and every moment, look up. Catch a vision of the Highest order of Truth as it makes Its Self known here in time and space reality. Head for the hills of consciousness, and sing along with the Cosmic Song of One. Know within how very much you are loved in Love, and bask in that radiant Truth. Just like those glorious mountains, we are sentinels of prayer. It is that prayerful energy that is transforming this world one heart at a time.
Look up, my friends. Look up.

I will speaking at Unity of the Palm Beaches on September 14, and resuming my TALKS WITH TAYLOR on September 23. Please see the calendar page for details.