Thursday, July 31, 2008


As the past few months have joyfully yet busily ambled by, I have been feeling a familiar and friendly call from my Soul to claim some time from activity, and allow for some concentrated receptivity. I was reflecting recently on an intention I have held for several years to claim the month of August as “off and inner time.” I realized that though I have held the intention in my attention, I have never followed through with the actual action in terms of my calendar. Well, my friends: this is the year! I am faithfully following the prompting of my deepest heart, and devoting August 2008 to BEINGNESS. I will not be coaching, writing, lecturing, or blogging. I will be meditating, staring, floating in the pool, playing, traveling, and basking in the inactivity that renews my Soul and invigorates the creative me.
I learned a while ago that when my Source is calling me to stop, it is wise and prudent to follow that prompt. There were certainly times when I sped right through such inspiration, and always with less than beneficial results. When I am feeling pulled to listen more deeply, there is always a great gift in centering in the depths, and thus hearing what I am in need of hearing. I gave a lecture the other evening in which I described my own personal SOS: Stop, Open, Surrender. Our culture is racing ahead at break-neck speeds, and we are in need of a global SOS. I am so grateful to be at a point in my emergence when I will actually listen and heed the counsel of my Soulful Self. Not that at times it doesn’t make me a little nervous. My mind does a “mini-freak out” at the thought of a month without work. That’s okay. I can watch the freak out, and listen in below it. If I am being guided to take a break, I know that the Source of that Guidance will provide what I need to agree with that call. It can actually be great fun seeing how the ever-creative Universe orchestrates that fulfillment.
In the land of my birth, we often call unexpected breaks “ GONE FISHIN.” Well, I guess that’s what I am doing. I am going’ fishing. Not literally, of course. But I am going to sit back, drop the line of my attention into the depths of my being, and see what inspirations come to the surface. Leaning back in “no-think,” I will see what is next for this Soul-on earth. I will taste deeply of my days, and live my love out loud. If you see me on the bank, give a shout, will you? Maybe we could sit a while and just stare together.
Have a great August.