Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I am delighted to welcome all of you to! This web site has been a co-creation of love that I have so enjoyed playing and praying into being with my friend and "cyber goddess" Amber Pompeo. I am thrilled that it is being launched on Valentines Day, because it truly is a gift of love that we are pleased to offer to all who are led to it. Please peruse each section, and consider signing up for the monthly E-zine and periodic blogs, to the right of this message. Those who were on my former distribution will no longer receive postings without signing up here on the new site.

Launching this site during the Heart Month of Love is a powerful metaphor for me, because I so strongly feel that each and every moment of our human experience is a chance and a choice to launch ourselves into this world as a heart filled with love. Creating a web site is so analogous to how we create our lives via our own consciousness. I chose within this creative process the colors, the words, the images, the topics that most represented what is primary and integral to my Soul. I wanted this site to represent the core of who I am, and to best reflect the gifts that I know I am here to give while I am incarnated upon this earth. The process included choosing and re-choosing, editing and re-arranging. It is a similar process to what occurs in awakening consciousness; we develop a new spaciousness of awareness wherein we are able to view and to witness our own perceptual systems. We look at the content of our minds much like we view the content of a web-site. When we discover perceptions, ideas, images that no longer feel appropriate or authentic, we don't need to fight or struggle. We simply begin the editing process, surrendering into new perceptions that are more aligned with our current place in consciousness. Just as I have had the eager assistance of Amber, we each have a Higher Self of Spirit that is equally eager to help us in coming to a new state of inner Being, more representative of Who we are in Truth. And this assistance is connected to the Universal Genius of the One and Only Powerful Presence that Is the All-ness of Source! The shifting and the expanding of consciousness is why we are here. We are each here on earth to co-create fabulous web site lives of Divine Love! We are here to soar on the wings of Spirit, and to magnify the Essence of the One Who gives us life. As my logo states, we are here to give way to spirits Essence, Emergence, Expansion, and Expression. I believe we are born to Be the embodied YES of Spirit right here on earth. I believe this site will demonstrate that I am all about that.

Again- welcome, welcome, welcome. There is a contact link here on the site, and also easy ways to purchase writings and services. If there is any way that I may serve you, don't hesitate to contact me. Please remember to sign up for the E-Zine/Blog if you choose to receive it.

Much Love to you all, and thanks for visiting my new home!