Thursday, December 28, 2017


As we approach the ending of one calendar year and the beginning of another, I feel a profound call to carve out some time. I feel called to just sit and consciously be with this transition. It is such a full time of year for me and for our culture. I can feel an unusual level of busyness in my energy system. It is clear to me that it is collective, that is bigger than just me. I also feel a level of dissonance that has a similar collective quality. I feel it as a dissonant chord that is seeking resolution. It is a collective frictional tonality that wants to return to a harmonic. There is tension in the air and in the waves.

So while for many people the idea of a New Year’s resolution is an intention that is most often action based, I feel a deep need to become a resolution in terms of how I relate to the obvious chaos in a world of divisiveness and discord. 2017 has been a year of great upheaval and shadow exposure. The Field is seeking to right itself by exposing what is keeping us all from humming at our highest level. Masses are pitted against masses. Violence is widespread and pervasive. An investment in being right is the great divide. A tiny percentage of people are obscuring the advantages of the many. Greed is the current god that is governing. Disempowerment is a weapon that is erupting into war. At the relative level it needs to. Inequality is a travesty against truth. It must be exposed.

All of this is registering in our hearts, our minds, and our bodies. It is tense. It is even wrenching. And each of us must choose, at our current level of consciousness, how we are going to relate to it.

It requires courage. It requires conviction. It requires commitment. As we choose to have a wakeful relationship with all of this discomfort we have the possibility of resolving pieces of this energy. In order to do so we must be more in our bodies than in our minds. We must stay with the discordant energy without deadening or commentary. We must rely on the Great Source Conductor for the managing of our own internal orchestration. Dissonance gives way to harmonics when we stop resisting and allow for a transition within our own energy fields. Banging away at the same cacophonous chord will only bring more of it, at even greater volume. Allowing for a mindful, prayerful response will bring the chord to resolution and harmony.

And so my resolution for the New Year is to be even more resolved. To allow for a resolution of the dissonance that is occurring in me. I am allowing a restoration of harmony and even unity inside of me. The Universe is Music and so am I. It is all energy. I commit to being a space in which my non-resistance can result in peace, resolution, harmony, renewal. Being privy to the chaos doesn’t mean I become it. Being privy to the chaos means I am a part of the whole that consciously brings resolution out of dissonance and division.

Resolution is my resolution. Contribution is my result.