Thursday, December 14, 2017


Even as I begin to type these words I am aware that I have little to say.

As a minister preparing for one of the busiest and most profound seasons of the year, I sense a bit of weariness around finding yet another way to tell a story that is vastly beyond words.

So why am I writing this, and why am I continuing to take up space on a platform that could perhaps better be filled by someone more articulate than I?

Because the images of this season have taken root deep within my consciousness, and the shoots of embodied expression are pushing up through the ground of my humanity. Presence is seeking to be particularized. The wonder of Advent is seeking to become word and word. The luminosity of Hanukkah and of Christmas is moving in me and impelling me to shine forth in every way I can. The expression of the Light is an impulse that I cannot and will not suppress.

And so I say yes. I say yes to the feebleness of words and sermons and stories. I open to find a way to incarnate the Source Illumination that is rushing through my heart and mind and voice. I will, I must find a way to share, however inadequately, what is most important in my Soul.

I celebrate these holidays not by talking about their meaning. I celebrate these holidays by being their meaning. I bring the history into my present reality. I live from the archetypal patterns and I walk the path and I sing the songs and shine the Light.

I do so imperfectly. But I do it. I open to be it with every breath and every word and every feeble expression.

It is my devotion. It is my purpose. It is my life.

And so here are my words. Here is my expression. I hope you can feel the heart behind them.

And if you can there is truly nothing to say.