Thursday, April 5, 2012


I was born on a long ago Easter Sunday, and I have been dealing with the cross and with the tomb ever since. It has been an archetypal journey that has led me from the vast canyons of Evangelical sanctuaries to my own deserts of inner desolation. I was told several years ago that I have a Grand Cross in my astrological chart, and I remember thinking “yeah, like I didn’t already know that.” I have tried in every which way to avoid that glaring cross, until I finally decided that the only thing to do was to hang upon it for a while. In truth, I was already up there. I was already nailed to the cross of my own misperceptions and self aversion. My limiting and self-diminishing thoughts were my crown of thorns, and the habitual way in which I held myself was the repetitive sword to my side. Whether or not the religious symbols of this Passover-Easter season are ones that you identify directly with, it is a schema that we are all plugged into at the symbolic level. We all know the pain of inner bondage and slavery which is what the Egyptian experience of the Jews represents. We know the plagues of unworthiness, self-aversion, shame, and lovelessness. We have all at times been swallowed up in a sea of emotional turmoil, fearing we will never reach the promised land of inner peace and Soulful balance. We know the pain of crucifixion. Many of us know it well. We know what it feels like to be nailed to and held hostage by the forces of the world. We have known betrayal and injustice. We have been sold out and left to die. We have felt the emptiness of the tomb, and we have also felt the inner–action of the resurrecting power of One Life bringing us from the depths of despair to the heights of awakened awareness. We have each tasted the bitter wine of this passage. And we will each reap the benefit of those of who have gone from Gethsemane to Golgotha to tomb to resurrection. That journey may be made in one act of prayerful submission. I know. I have done it countless times.

Each day is Passover Day. Each day is Good Friday and Easter Sunday. Each day is Ascension Day. I invite you to take personally this journey. Welcome it. Learn from embracing it. The cross is the symbol of the axis for the horizontal and vertical levels of experience. The present moment is always the intersection point. The heart is where that axis meets. Allow the heart to be a tomb and it naturally opens into a womb. The cross is meaningless without a personal resurrection. The prayer of “thy will be done” referred not to the crucifixion but to the resurrection. There was no G-awed ordained murder. That is a projection of human self aversion. The patters of crucifixion and resurrection are psychological patterns. They are philosophical. They are energetics. Feel them as they occur. Move with them and not against them. Feel the cross of human experience, and feel the resurrection that comes from humble surrender. In this very moment, the moment that you are reading; this is your Passover moment. This is your resurrection appointment. Open to it. Let it be within you. Rise up. You are free of the cross and the tomb. You are soaring free on the wings of loving transcendence. You have made the journey your own. And now you are truly free.