Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I love the feeling-tone that is energetically behind and pulsing forward as what we term the Spring Equinox. I totally relate to the impulse of emerging and expanding life, and I recognize at a deep level that the reason I do so relate is because the same impulse is at work within me. It is not theoretical for me that creation is forever expanding Itself through Its creation in order to Know and to experience Itself in Essence and in form. While the flowering forth of spring is more subtle for those of us who dwell in a sub-to tropical climate, the dynamic is none-the-less engaged. I feel the shifting of the seasons in the intensification of the process of coming forth from seed to flower to fruit. I hear and sense this synergy as it moves and dances through the birds and the other wildlife so prevalent in this part of the globe. Life had taken a respite called winter, and is now busily using this renewed energy to literally spring forth as creation.

I was speaking to a dear friend that dwells in the northern part of the country, and who was describing what she viewed as a kind of spring confusion as a result of a warm winter followed by a late freeze. The flowers were already blooming when a snow and sleet storm dumped frozen precipitation down on the tender new blossoms. There was understandable fear that the storm would deprive that region of a much anticipated floral array of color, fragrance, and natural spectacle. It was a great reminder for me of how crucial climate variables can be to the manifestation of creation. As she was speaking of this in terms of flowers, trees, and shrubs, I was relating to how the very same dynamic is at work within my own internal spring.

I have always been blessed with a very alive and dynamic sense of creativity. It takes a variety of forms, and at times I feel as though I will never have enough time to bring forth into manifestation all of the ideas I would like to bring into form. I was born in the springtime, and remain acutely aware of the life force that is pulsing forth within and through me. I am also keenly aware that there have been multiple examples of me jumping forward with an idea, beginning to act from a place of what I knew to be Sourced-inspiration, and then fearfully freezing when I met the obstacles of my own perceived doubts and limitations. Emotional chaos is a vital part of all co-creation. Part of the way we humans evolve is by moving forward with an impulse or desire to create, and then by working though the internal barriers that the process of creation reveals. Challenges, obstacles, barriers exist in the creative process at every level. Can you imagine the force needed for a seed to crack open its protective shell, begin its ascent up through multiple levels of soil, and finally push up above the level of the ground in order to move vertically toward the sun? It is a force for sure and yet it is also non-resistant. As plants do not possess self-reflective consciousness, they are not labeling or interpreting the process as it is occurring. They do not become fearful and so try and retreat back toward the seeming safety of the seed. In fact, there is nothing left to return to. The seed has become the plant which is now already in process. There are certainly occasions where a lack of moisture, light, or necessary temperature can kill out a fledgling plant. This is a part of the natural order. But this is not due to internal conditions that are generated by the plant itself.

Our fear-based evaluations often create a climate that is not conducive to growth, and so countless ideas and inspirations die out before they are allowed to come to fruition. When in the process of bringing forth a seed idea we are faced with the programming and conditioning that reveals where our core beliefs don’t support the natural creative process, we quite literally freeze. We may blame or form excuses as to why we can’t move forward to actualize our dreams, but these are rarely valid. The truth is that we currently don’t have a quality of inner attention that will allow the full expression of our intentions, aspirations, and goals. The climate isn’t right. The inner realm is hostile. We fear really facing our fears and so we quite. We stop the springtime impulse that is moving forward within us, and every time we stop it, we die just a little bit. We kill our own creations. We abort our fondest dreams. We internally freeze out the garden of consciousness we have been given to attend. And then we rarely take the time to grieve the loss of what is so essential and true to our being.

And so dear reader, what springtime impulse is moving in you this day? What is seeking to flower forth, and are you willing to maintain an inner atmosphere that is conducive to the creative process? Are you willing to bring the warmth of Presence to the places that scare you? Are you willing to compassion the habitual reactivity of past failed attempts? Are you willing to stay awake and receptive to allowing the Universal Creative Impulse to move in you, to inspire you, and to also orchestrate the fulfillment of the dream? Are you willing to let Spring spring forth as you?

Be vigilant in this season to maintain an inner atmosphere that is aligned with Source Beingness. Surrender the fears and say yes to all that is moving forward within you. Celebrate as you watch your seed intentions come forth as flower and then as fruit. And then give your creations in service and in celebration of the One. Be an active part of this dynamic season. Spring forth in all your splendor. You are indeed the beauty of this season.

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