Saturday, June 29, 2024


Each of us will physically leave this realm, and yet something very real will be left behind.

Whether we are intentional or not, we each leave behind us a legacy. That legacy is comprised of the energy that we have emitted while here interacting on earth. The energy is formed into thoughts, feelings, words, and actions. As energy can neither be created or destroyed, we are conduits of an Infinite energy that is constantly being molded and exchanged within the Field in which we dwell.

Energy comes into us, is informed either consciously or unconsciously, and goes forth from us. We are holographic beings, and so technically the energy doesn’t come or go anywhere. We seem to be separate distinct beings in this realm, yet we forever remain atone. We are granted access to the Infinite energy to have a free experience of it. We choose what to do with this energy. We ether enhance or detract from the Universal Field based on what we do with the energy given.

Enough of the foundational theory.

Let’s get personal.

My friend Pat was killed in a car accident last week up in Georgia where she had a second home. I am still in the process of coming to terms with her sudden passing. While I termed her my friend that may not be the best moniker for her. We were not friends in a traditional, though we were extremely friendly. We did not socialize or engage in chit chat. I was never in her home not she in mine.

We were spiritual comrades. Spirit-companions.

That does not minimize the sadness I feel relative to her sudden passing. I grieve and I miss her already. I know my life experience was enhanced by her place in it. I sense a dimming now that she has left.

And yet…

The reason that I began this tribute with a mini lesson in quantum physics Is while Pat is no longer with me and us in a physical way the energy that she left behind is vital, tangible, and unmistakable. I can feel her as I type these words. As I fumble to capture her energy in form I am uplifted and amped up by my direct experience of the wondrous woman she was and somehow is.

When I think of Pat I immediately think of prayer.

Pat loved to pray. Loved to pray! She loved praying and sharing prayers so much that she did not just pray, she was a prayer. A living prayer. A lilting prayer. A dynamic prayer. A somehow musical prayer. It had a feel like no one I have ever known. It was impactful in a most beautiful way.

As I reflect on a world without Pat in it I also know with certainty that every impactful, beautiful, living, lilting, musical, vital prayer that Pat ever offered is still here as an imprint upon the Field. Her praying transformed energy that is here with us, though she no longer is. In fact, what was most essential of Pat still remains. Still lives. Still vibrates. Still prays on in this realm. Her body is gone, and her spirit prays on.

The world is better because Pat prayed.

Pat was also very funny. Very kind, compassionate. Pat was passionate and relentless in her emotional and spiritual inner work. She owned her “stuff” like few people I have known. She took responsibility.

Pat was also intensely human. She could drop an f-bomb with the best of them. She spoke honestly of what was real for her. She called out the inconsistencies of others, while also being accountable to her own. She occasionally danced about. She quipped and joked and uplifted a room. She was awesome and ornery. Jokeful and joyous. She was real. She was very, very real.

And mostly what I will remember about Pat is how she prayed.

Pat served in many capacities in our Unity congregation. She served and she gave generously and lavishly. She showed up. Repeatedly. Consistently. She applied the Principles and acted upon Truth.

She did it all with a prayer.

And now Pat has left this realm, and she indeed has left something very real behind.

Pat has left an ocean of transformed energy that benefits all living beings. She has left traces, a trail of prayer energy that remains though her physicality no longer is. Prayer for me is Pat’s greatest legacy. Her living, vibrational memorial. I am better because Pat prayed. And so is the world.

And so, I honor Pat by typing these words, imbuing them with as much Pat energy as possible. I double down on my own commitment to being a living, vital prayer. I pray Pat forward. I will celebrate her by streaming prayer energy every time I think of her. While I could never lilt in the same way, I can vibe at my frequency to make my own unique contribution. Pat and I were indeed spiritual comrades who deeply knew the unparalleled power of prayer. It united us. It magnified us. It will always live as us.

Prayer is what is left now that Pat has gone.

That vital truth invites me again into my own personal inquiry as to what will remain when I am gone? And what, dear reader, will remain when you yourself have left this realm?

Thank you, Pat, for making me and this world better because you lived.

And because you prayed.