Wednesday, June 12, 2024


“The longest journey we will ever make is from the head to the heart.”

I am certain that most of my readers will have heard some version of that declaration before.

I am equally certain that hearing it and applying it are two very different things.

I have indeed found it to be a long journey. It has and continues to be for me personally. And in my thirty years of ministry and counseling I have witnessed it to be an arduous dynamic for most people.

The head to heart journey begins with some sort of notion that it is a desirable and even necessary sojourn to be taken. At some point we hear a version of the opening quote to this blog post. Something internally clicks. The innate wisdom of the heart stirs at the potential reenactment of its power. Heart intelligence is primal. The heart beats before the brain is formed. This intelligence is always seeking to be directly known. Directly experienced. Directly applied. It is a call that can be delayed yet never fully suppressed.

Because of mind-identification the whispers of the heart are rarely noticed. This is the overriding dynamic of the current critical mass. The incredible prevalence of people staring at device screens mirrors perfectly how most humans are staring at the content streaming on the screen of the mind. These two factors combined obscure the wisdom of the heart. The language of the mind is commentary while the language of the heart of feeling. Herein lies the foundation of the predicament.

We are at a place in consciousness development where feeling is combatted and suppressed. The truth of the heart is that it is the portal of All Presence, Power, and Intelligence. All that Divine data is at the center of the heart temple. It is energetically encased in emotional wounding that is also a part of the heart atmosphere. To have a sustained experience of heart intelligence and Divine data we must move through the layers or veils of this wounding.

And this is central to why the journey from the head to the heart is indeed the longest. The most challenging. The most arduous. The most difficult. And the rarest.

Another common yet seldom applied slogan is that “we must feel to heal.”

I know it to be so.

Mental commentary is not primal. It is not original. In human development it occurs some years after our emotional wounding. Fundamentally the habitual narrative that loops through our mind streams up from an underlying emotional signature. While it is true that thought prompts feelings, in its original orientation feeling comes first. We are emotional beings before we are cognitive. The emotional signature is layered over the Vibrational which is our inherent vital Self.

We are called to reverse the order of our development. That could be called the journey of the head to the heart. We shift our relationship to mind-content, moving from identification to witness. We literally drop our attention down into the heart. We allow ourselves to feel the veils of raw emotions that shroud the essential heart. We disengage from the story we have attached to the feeling.

Hence, we feel to heal.

Hence, we move from the head identification to a centering within the heart.

This is clearly not for the timid.

It requires courage. It requires commitment. It requires humility and bravery. It requires a deep trust. Living from the heart and its primal knowing requires much. Yet is also gifts us with clarity, resilience, fortitude, deep connection, and compassion. It gifts us with wisdom, which is synonymous with heart knowing.

My own long journey from my mind to my heart is fundamental to my life-journey and central to my purpose. As I have dedicated myself to my own heart journey for decades, I feel qualified to join others on theirs. I am not afraid of the pain I have found in my own heart, and I am not fearful to experience the pain that is within yours. This is assisted by my intimate knowing of what is Vibrationally available just below the veils.

I believe that this journey is the journey back to the “God” we never left. Experientially we have been cut off because we have become deadened at the feeling level. We are a pain-averse culture. We prefer mind-spin to felt experience. We can somewhat control the mind. We cannot control mystical emergence. It is what we both long for and fear most.

And it is inevitable.

Heart-knowing mystical realization is inevitable because It is what we are. It may take lifetimes. It may come in a quantum moment of Grace. But it will happen. And it will come as direct felt experience from the heart, and not as thought stream from the head.

Whether you believe me or not I assure you that you already know everything that is knowable. You know it because it is the Essence of your being. Of All being. It is deep within your heart, awaiting your sustained attention. It requires feeling. Feeling without storytelling. Sustained unflinching feeling. It is for me the longest yet also the best journey I have ever made.

And you can make it too.

The heart knows.

The heart already knows.

Go there. Right now. Listen. Feel. Open to it. Allow the movement.

I am right here with you.