Wednesday, November 25, 2020


I am blessed because I choose to be.

I grew up in a faith tradition that taught that blessings were something external that were either given or withheld from a far-off God. We were admonished that we should always count our blessings. We were not taught what to do in times when it seemed there were none to count.

As an adult I learned that the ancient art of blessing had a much more expansive meaning. Blessing was not a thing per se and did not come from an off-planet God. Blessing is the recognition and acknowledgment of the Divinity that is always ever present. Blessing, or to bless, is an invocation of what is always True. If Divinity is ever present, and I for one Know it to be so, than blessing is equally ever present. It is here, now. Everything is blessing potential. Absolutely everything. It is not a matter of whether or not there is a blessing to behold. It is only a matter of whether or not a blessing is invoked.

Hence: I am blessed because I choose to be.

This is unsupported in a dualistic version of God. Especially the theological God that humans made up. That God is divided into good-evil, dark-light, blessing-curse, etc. That is the God that seems to have a personality disorder as it smites them but delivers those. It leaves us to ask for blessings and just hope we catch HIM on a good day. We count our blessings believing they are variable and finite. Often, they are thought to be merited for our good behavior, or at least our pretense of Godliness. As we are made in the image and likeness of God we too see the world in dualistic terms, have personality disorders, and secretly seethe when those infidels appear to have more blessings than we.

This is a juvenile version of Source and of blessing.

As we mature and grow in awareness we are also invited to grow in maturity regarding blessing. We begin to bring ancient wisdom into modern parlance and application. We choose to bless whatever is happening as a recognition that everything is Divinity in process. Everything is emergence. Everything is blessing becoming. In time and space reality it is we who call it forth. It is we who invoke it in our more awakened moments. We deepen in a knowing that this Thing we call God is All that is. It is Law, Principle, Essence. It is never missing. It is frequently misapplied.

I am blessed because I choose to be.

There are wonderful things unfolding in my life.

I am blessed.

There are a few undesirable and even scary things happening in my life.

I am blessed.

Wonderful or scary, everything that is happening in my life experience is an activity of Law. It is happening through me and is for my highest Good. It is exactly what I need in this moment. It is Divinity ever present calling me to presence. Preferred or not it is gift in potential. I bring that potential into being by virtue of my decision to bless. And my decision to bless makes it a gift.

And so, I am always living at a choice-point of blessing or curse. My dualistic nature is what fuels that choice. It Reality there is only blessing. And here in this realm it is a choice. It is the most important choice I can make. When I curse, I suffer. When I bless, I am set free. Free to see the blessing that my choice invokes. It may or may not be obvious in the manifest. It doesn’t ‘matter. I can always perceive it through my spiritual sight.

I am blessed because I choose to be.

And I bless you, dear reader, by invoking the Divinity ever present within you. It is the same Divinity that is within me. It is One and the same Divinity. One and the same blessing. One and the same potential. It is brought into conscious manifestation by a simple but unequivocal invocation.

I am blessed because I choose to be.

I bless you because I choose to bless you.

Blessings abound in the recognition that everything is blessing.

And that is my Thanksgiving blessing.

I choose to give thanks for the blessing Life is.