Thursday, August 15, 2019


Hello darkness my old friend.

I have been experiencing rumblings in my gut as of late. Faint wafts of the old “uh-oh” have been arising. A very slight hint of dread. A bit of heaviness in my heart. Some chaos in my mind.

Something good is obviously opening.

Yes, you read that right.

I think most people would read my current symptoms and wonder what is wrong. I feel these activities and ponder what is emerging.

It wasn’t always so.

It has taken a lot of discipline, practice, and prayer to get to the point when I welcome discomfort and darkness as the friends I have learned they are.

Hello darkness my old friend.

Something is dying within me, and that always means that something is seeking to be born.

The womb of transcendence is dark. The labor pains of the law unfolding are uncomfortable. There are rumblings, dread, heaviness, and chaos. The birth canal for my higher self is not an easy path.

And I know it is for good.

If I choose to move through the temptation to deny, suppress, deaden, avoid, and blame I can say with authenticity and conviction “hello darkness my old friend.” The pain of dying need not become intense suffering. That is what my resistance will result in. I know that because of how many times I have done it.

Today I celebrate what may be unfolding within and through me. I know I will come out the other side of this as more. I know I will rise to a higher level of consciousness and expression. I trust wholeheartedly in this.

If can just be courageous enough to stay with the discomfort, chaos, and uh-oh.

Hello darkness my old friend.