Tuesday, November 27, 2012


I am continually amazed by my retrospective relationship to the passage of time, and to the seeming speed-up this relationship projects. I can scarcely believe that I am writing these words in the last week of November, and reflecting upon how quickly the months have passed since the beginning of this year. I looked back at my first blog of 2012, and have been reflecting on how I intended to spend this year verses how it actually has unfolded. It is clear to me that the inner aspects of what I intended to experience during these months have indeed been the atmosphere in which I have lived. The outer accomplishments and external goals have been much more variable. In a year that has carried with it much speculation and even fearful anticipation for many, I feel a deep appreciation for the inner advances that I am able to recognize as we move toward the completion of 2012. For years there has been prophetic drama steeped in a misunderstanding of what the ending of the Mayan calendar on 12.21.12 might signify. It never felt scary to me at all. It did and does carry with it an enormous sense of possibility and transformation. As I shared in my original blog of this year, it has not been for me a fearing of what the ancient Mayan prophesies might mean. Rather I have used it as a series of invitations as to the fulfillment of My I Am prophesy flowing forth from center to circumference during this rich time here on wondrous planet earth.

I am feeling called to share my musings regarding what I have termed I Am Prophesy during these last few weeks of the year in order to clarify for myself what is continuing to unfold in increasing speed and expanding clarity. There is a passion within me that no amount of time or fear-based misperception can deaden. I am met each day with a deep, felt-sense knowing that despite a lifetime of goals, dreams, aspirations, and ambitions, I am really here in this earthly realm to awaken to Who and What I am in Truth. Even as I type these words, they feel pitifully anemic compared to the inner call from which they come. I am here first to be freed from the theology that kept me bound for so very long, and to actualize the Truth of a Source that is an All and Only Love that is rapturously transcendent of religion, dogma, or creed. Secondly, I have come to learn that I cannot know this Unified Truth with a dualistic mind. A concept, no matter how beautifully described, will never lead me to the direct experience of the One Source IN which I forever dwell. I am called to embody this Source while still here in this human experience. Though I was taught that the body is a limitation keeping me from G-awed, I have learned that though temporal, this body with its central nervous system is the vehicle in which I get to vibrate at the frequency OF G-awed. My I Am Prophesy is is all about the experience of being here in this realm of finite experience! I do not have to wait to die to experience “heaven.” Heaven is not a future place but a present state of Being. I will always be Source Spirit, but this adventure is about bringing the frequency of Source into the density of matter. I get to consciously experience both! And I get to allow consciousness and matter to dance within me and show me the way to an integration the mind alone is not capable of.

And so I get to use my days as a devotion to Being all that I am called to be while here in this body, in this story, in this emerging prophesy. I get to choose how to relate to my limitations from the perspective of that which is Limitless. I get to choose each and every day how I am going to show up in the world. I get to choose what I am energizing by my focused attention, and what energy I am going to emit into this world. Moment by precious moment I get to choose to either believe and contract into the fear, or reopen into Love. Will I be a programmed imposter, or a Sourced authentic Being as I move through my moments? Will I hide, or will I shine?

The choice to shine is the velocity that is moving me towards 12.21.12. It is for the Mayan people the completion of an age. It is for me the completion of a false identity. It is the end of an age of disempowerment. It is the final curtain in the drama of who I thought I was and why I thought I was here. For the rest of 2012 and indeed for the rest of my earthly days my priority is the fulfillment of my prophesy. And that prophesy is nothing less than fully becoming the “G-awed-ling” I came to this earth to be. When I am awake to that purpose, I am congruent and flowful. When I am asleep to it, I am contracted.

Transformation doesn’t take time. It takes the healing of mis-perception. I am willing to surrender the misperceptions regarding my Source and myself this day, this moment. That is all I am about. Living wakefully within this moment of and within One Source G-awed. That IS my I Am prophesy. That is my fulfillment. That is Who I Am and why I am here. And if it took many years and ample amounts of pain and a speedup of time to discover that Truth, then so be it. This is the moment. I am the One. I Am is what I Am.