Tuesday, October 2, 2012


It is becoming hard to remember what personal interaction was like before the advent of social media. As often as it is criticized, especially in spiritual circles, social media is clearly here to stay. I must say that I have greatly enjoyed re-connecting with people that I long ago lost touch with. After 30 years suddenly someone is right there before me on the screen of my computer! There is a strange sense then that those thirty years didn’t happen at all. That the real and true connection was never broken, and the fact that we have taken a step as simple as Facebook “friending” is evidence of that truth. Though I do not and probably will not know the facts and details of those intervening years the depth of the intimacy is reignited in the way that I still feel about that person within my heart. I am certainly aware that many wonderful and tragic, momentous and mundane happenings have occurred to these friends which I am not and probably will not be privy. The same is true of the reverse. And yet my heart feels somehow more whole due to the re-connection. I feel somehow more complete knowing that what had seemed lost is now re-found.

I wonder if G-awed had a Facebook page how many friends It would have? I am betting that Source has sent a friend request to every living creature that has ever taken a breath of the One Life of Only Source Love. And yet most of those requests are floating around in the cyber space of spiritual amnesia, while we are frantically looking for something to fill the void that comes from not realizing that we are within what we are endlessly seeking to uncover. We feel incomplete because we have forgotten the first and primal connection which brings all of life together as a whole. And so many become entranced with the data that dances before their eyes and the commentary that fills the mind via the internet and the seduction of social media connections. The emptiness that comes from feeling “unfriended” within a world divided is vast and emotionally traumatic. No matter how many friends you collect on Facebook or Linked In you will never feel complete and fulfilled until you know you are a precious friend within the One. Until you know at depth that you are Loved within the One Love. Until you know that you matter, and that the life you are living matters in a real and intimate way. Your triumphs and tragedies are important, as are your chuckles and your tears. There is a cosmic photo gallery in which snapshots of you are held and stroked and cherished. From birth until death what you think, feel, and do is precious and revered. The unconscious and the awake, the unskillful and the enlightened; there is no judgment in the Social Media of the One Mind. Everyone is ultimately a friend, for there are no foes within the One. We can and do temporarily disconnect, and we suffer from this unconscious splintering. We will never be whole until we are One, and we will never know that we are One until we are whole. In the Cosmic scheme, we are meant to keep connection with every emanation of the One Life. Whichever “friend requests” we ignore will only keep us divided within our selves. Behaviors may be distancing, but the True connection of the heart cannot be broken.

As silly as the illustration may seem, I ask again; “If G-awed had a Facebook page, how many friends do you think It would have?” Are you among them? Have you fully accepted and are you living within the context of a friendly Universe? Are you allowing connection to be your guide and your compass? Are you being fully friendly within your self, and friending within your Source? What will you post this day upon your wall as your experience, and who will you include within your social sphere?

It doesn’t matter how long you may felt disconnected. In a moment, an intimate re-connection can occur. Check the inbox of your heart. I will bet that you will find the Ultimate friend request is there just waiting for your response.