Wednesday, September 12, 2012


There is a very real place in consciousness where the Call of the Universal meets the fearfulness of the individual.

There is a place within where the fallacy of separation becomes an obstacle to free and inspired manifestation and expression.

There is a perceptual web in which the personality gets caught. There are strands of beliefs in which the ego-self becomes entangled. The realization that it is we ourselves that is spinning this web eludes us until an awakening in consciousness occurs and we come to the astounding recognition that then frees us from the clutches of our own faulty sense of who.

There is undoubtedly a mass awakening that is happening at the personal and at the collective level of humanity. This awakening presents as an internal chaos that becomes a collective storm of perception meeting the Indwelling Presence. The tension, however, that pervades our bodies and our interactions is not an enemy to be conquered but an invitation to be answered.

Discomfort and discontent, as loathsome as most people find them, are the sensations of an expanding Universe as It is emerging within each of us. We are holographic beings in a Unified Field of Truth. There is no actual separation from our Source. The whole is reflected within the one at every level of experience. All of the darkness and every photon of the Light of the over-Soul is present within each and every one of us. Until we bring back to wholeness that which has been perceptually divided and repressed, energetic contractions will lead us not to unending suffering, but back to One.

It is our frequent and often ferocious addiction to comfort that keeps our awakening at bay. Letting go of an all-pervading false self isn’t comfortable. It is simple but certainly is not easy. We have made identities out of our stories and without these ego-tales we fear we will not exist. And indeed we will not. Not as the fearful beings of limitation and lies that we have inadvertently made of ourselves. We live in fear of our authentic Power because it calls us to live lives beyond what the mind can fathom or the personality contain. Eventually, awakening is an all or nothing proposition. We can’t judge, fault, blame, or criticize another without also demeaning ourselves. This is where Oneness becomes intensely practical. We suffer when we are divided against each other, and we are divided against each other when we are divided against ourselves. The density in our guts and the tension in our muscles are Divine guidance that needs to be heeded rather than deadened. Contraction embraced will not become resistance. And contraction embraced will lead us to the Self we are each being called to be.

There is a very real place in consciousness where the Call of the Universal meets the fearfulness of the individual. Feel openly into that fear. Know that the Universal is bigger and grander than any individual fear or story you may currently be identified with. Rely on the Universal to expand you beyond the personal. Say yes to what seeks to expand as you. Say yes to the discomfort and the discontent, and know that the feelings are the Soulful GPS operating perfectly. Kiss the belief in separation wherever it arises and let it melt back into the One. While it is the nature of the personality to struggle and to try and please it is the nature of the Soulful Self to allow and to simply shine as is. The call of contraction is the call to finally open. It has all been a story within the perception of separation. Tragic at times, for sure. But a story none-the-less.

The Call to open is within your heart even now. Do you sense, hear, feel it? And will you say yes?