Tuesday, January 3, 2012


And so we have finally crossed the threshold of the calendar year 2012, a time shrouded with predictions and prophesies that could well result in the ending of the whole human show of shows.

Really? So why do I feel so absolutely ablaze with possibility? Why is my level of internal enthusiasm amped up beyond any other New Year in memory? Why is the vibrancy of my being telling me that this is the year to move beyond past limitations and into a level of passionate expression that exceeds any other time of my incarnation? I can practically feel my probability factor expanding with each conscious breath I take, and the invitation to say yes to the deepest call of my Soul is beyond what I could ever resist.

Much has been made of the so-called Mayan prophesy that in some interpretations calls for an end to the world effective 12.21.12. Though this is a complete misunderstanding of what the Mayan teachings are actually telling us, there is in fact a measurable energetic dynamic that extends out from the collective belief in the predictions that we make and in the prophesies that we believe. While there is nowhere near a global critical mass inertia that could result in a catastrophic late December event, it does point me toward an increased awareness in the power of our beliefs, predictions, and prophesies. What do I really believe is possible for me during this next year of my human duration? What unconscious programs and perceptual conditions are setting predictable results in terms of how or if I actualize my dreams, desires, and intentions? What prophesies am I proclaiming based on the habitual thoughts I entertain, the emotions I identify with, and the stories and tales I tell about myself and about my world?

The persistent thoughts, feelings, and words you are engaging today ARE the prophesies of your tomorrows. We have been granted the exquisite gift of self-determination while here in this human state. We evolve from Soulful emergence to human expansion in a continuing and upward spiral of awakening choice and increasingly inclusive love. At the micro-level we prophesy the quality of our days before our feet even hit the floor in the morning. We each have an expectation of how our current lives shall be based on the overall quality of our past. Until we awaken to the perceptual dynamic the past continues to get projected into the future with nary a glance at the perfect present moment we are already in. When we are wakefully poised in the powerful present moment we have the capacity to prophesy via our inspired intentions what kind of moments and days we will inhabit. We can predict based on faith that our lives will unfold perfectly in a way that is best suited for our maximal spiritual evolution. We can declare that all things work for our advantage in a Universe that is always tending toward our deepest and our highest good. We can proclaim that only Truth is Truth, and that Truth is the Law unto our being. We can prophesy with unfailing accuracy that this will be the very best year of our lives, and then follow the flow of that prophesy unfurling before us in peaceful and perfect guidance. Whatever happens we will know that the Source of all creation is the sustaining Force of our lives and of our world.

So while many will focus this year on the Mayan Prophesy, I am setting my attention on My I Am Prophesy. I am allowing the Infinite Possibility of which I am a part to infiltrate my mind and open wide my heart. I am paying intimate attention to what I am predicting, and I am tapping into the expansiveness of my Soul to proclaim a prophesy that is based on the truest and most authentic part of Who I Am. I am predicting that this is going to be a miraculous year filled with loving connection, passionate expression and service, vibrant health, increased prosperity, and ever-increasing awakened awareness. If 2012 is indeed the end of an age it is the end of my playing small and telling tales that are less than what I am truly here to proclaim. It is My I Am Prophesy that this is the greatest time of my life, and I am celebrating each and every moment of this magical mystical year.