Thursday, June 2, 2011


In the corporate, entertainment, and coaching career worlds that have comprised a goodly portion of my professional life I have long heard about the necessity of developing what is termed staying power. For simplicities sake the phrase means pretty much what it indicates; the ability, motivation, skills, perseverance, and savvy to sustain a long-term professional and consequently successful trajectory in an ever-changing work environment. This doesn’t necessarily apply to a person who simply chooses to stay in the same job for a long period of years or even decades. It is a term more appropriate for those who effectively ride the waves of professional dynamism and are committed to continual growth and challenge and the risks those often imply. It is not a state of status quo. Staying power is required of the individual that is consciously drawing on their inner resources, motivation, and inspiration in order to attain career goals and achievements that also provide a legacy beyond just the self satisfaction of the personality. The person with staying power is centered and anchored in the broader part of their inner being. They are confident and assured, focused and purposeful. Something greater is at work, and it is palpable.

Though I have never felt particularly motivated by this dynamic in my professional life, it has become a vital and directional part of my spiritual unfoldment. I would frame it in perhaps a different way, yet many of the same attributes apply in remaining awake to who I am while in this experience of time and space humanity. To see this you only have to re-read the preceding paragraph. Spiritual staying power is about developing the inner musculature to remain centered in the Soulful Self while undergoing an almost constant array of changes. The trajectory here is not one of professional or even personal success per se, unless success is redefined to apply to an alignment with what it is the Soul is here to unfold. Spiritual maturity is grounded in an ability to stay centered internally regardless of what is happening in the external surroundings. It is the spiritual empowerment to stay present to whatever is occurring in the energy system while not resorting to suppression, projection, reaction, or self-recrimination. Staying power is all about remaining Soulfully centered and observing at the felt level the mental antics, emotional eruptions, and habitual reactions that undergird the personality self. In this staying observation there is transcendence. The ability to simply stay with an uncomfortable emotion without needless story telling, justification, blame, or interpretation empowers us and allows release of the constricted energy that is causing the unease. The power to stay in just this way does not come from the personality self. This kind of power is available as a result of a non-negotiable alignment within Source. This power is the power of Source Presence. Presence isn’t of the mind and can’t be generated by the mind. Presence is a way of beholding life that occurs as we experience and see through the portal of the heart. This is true vision. The heart has the ability to stay without distraction or dissection. It remains totally focused and attuned with the something greater that is always moving through us as spiritual emergence. This is the ultimate Source of confidence and assuredness. This empowerment is purposeful beyond just worldly accomplishment. We choose to stay because we choose to live and love as we allow life to move easily through us. Nothing is rejected as we moment by moment make the decision to stay with what is, exactly as it is.

In a world so filled with distractions and media-technical stimulations, what is your current level of staying power? How present do you choose to be with your own inner environment? When discomfort or distress begin to stir in your emotional body, do you choose to bring staying Presence to the movement, or do you react with one of the deadening distractions so readily available? Are you living largely in reaction to what is external? Are you ready to commit to a more awakened interior in which staying replaces suppression?

Your own inner Presence is your Source of Power. Develop a continual awareness of this Presencing Power, and you will have the staying power needed to go any distance.