Monday, May 3, 2010



I recently had what for me is a rare opportunity to be around a nine-month bundle of beauty, blessedness, and bliss; a gorgeous little girl named Helana. This was at a gathering where there were many older adults, and then this one fresh from the ethers beautiful baby who rapidly became a center of attention. At the very first glance of this gleaming cherub I could feel my heart gushing open with the universal-to- baby response of “AWE!” Isn’t that just the perfectly appropriate instantaneous proclamation? I witnessed gleefully as person after person approached Helana with the very same exclamation: “AWE! “ If every other individual in the room were a perfect chorus of AWE, her mother was the absolute embodiment of this heart-opening resonator. “Awe, Awe, AWE!” We know now scientifically that the vowel sound of AWE literally causes the heart energy center to open. Isn’t that amazing and miraculous? I believe that when we see a baby or a child, the heart opens in response to the recognition of the innate purity and innocence that is so evident in them, and yet equally true of us all. While the AWE is in response to this recognition out there, we can use this knowingness to live in continual remembrance in the heartful “in here.” If seeing the innocence of a baby evokes an internal AWE, why not invoke this innocence at every opportunity by aligning with the sound of AWE in every present moment? By consciously using this heart-opening intonation, we live in a perpetual state of Awe, innocence, and beauty. And I am all for that. Thanks, Helana.

As May is the month of celebrating mothers, I am particularly glad to have had this very tangible reminder of the power of Awe. I believe at a level that we live within a Cosmic-Mama energy that is proclaiming “Awe” in her every moment of beholding creation. While it is often trauma and tragedy that is in her sights, she compassionately Presences all that she sees by embracing heartfully all that she is. In Sanskrit, the word for mother is AMMA. Isn’t it telling that there is a double dose of this heart-opening exclamation in the name of the Universal AMMA? We are held tenderly and eternally in the warm embrace of our AMMA-Source. That is the compassionate context in which we dwell. It is the background for all that occurs. In these times of mind-identification, we lose the intimacy of what may only be experienced with and in the heart. To live consciously and wakefully in the AMMA Presence is to taste deeply and intimately the unconditional love that is true life. While Source is both Masculine and Feminine, Father and Mother, we are here in time and space to actually and literally be Mother to First-Cause Father Source. This is done not by masculine assertion, but by feminine receptivity. Like the song lyric suggests, when we “find ourselves in times of trouble,” it is not the time to run around trying to control. It is the perfect opportunity to truly and heartfully “let it be.” That is the wisdom of the Mother. That is the nurturance of AMMA. Sometimes, we just need our mom. The Universal AMMA is always here. It is closer than breath. It is nearer than a heartbeat. It is evident in the sound of Awe.

At any time, relax open and in-tone the AMMA-Awe. Sink down deeply into It. Let it envelope you as you embody It. Align within it, and Awe your Inner-being. Awe all that is around you, and open to everything that is within you. The wisdom of AMMA is here and now fully present. Entrain with Its Innocence, and behold a world of Peace. Awe the baby in us all, and know what Love is all about.