Monday, May 17, 2010


As I heartfully walked beside my beloved neighborhood lake, I came across a most gleeful sight. A mother and an approximately ten year old young girl were teaching a little rambunctious boy how to take what were apparently his first, wobbly steps. What a study in determination and affirmation! The two would stand the little fellow up, steadying him as best they could before walking several steps away. They would then coax him toward them, joyfully cajoling and applauding his every step. When he would plop down on his diaper-padded bum, they would both enthusiastically chant “UH-OH!” The little champion would then try and try to contort himself into a standing position, all the while hearing a chorus of encouragement and adoration.

I truly believe that we live within a Field of adoring attention that is treating us in just such a way. We are still wobbly in our use of self-reflective consciousness, and we are feeling the effects of many falls and many tumbles. As opposed to the experience of my little lake-side friend, we are mis-creating with often devastating consequences. This is true at the individual and at the macro-level. As adult as we may think we are, we are still infantile in our use of Universal Law. We speak endlessly of what we do not wish to experience. We speak ill of ourselves, and of those around us. We focus our energizing attention in and on areas that become our reality, and then we blame it on others, circumstances, even fate. We stumble and fall into the same holes of our consciousness, and never realize we simply need to take a different path. And yet there are Beings surrounding us that exclaim compassionately “UH OH,” and silently coax and direct us in ways that serve our highest good. They endlessly speak of our innate perfection, yet we cannot hear them above the roar of our own self-recrimination. Our ego selves struggle and contract and contort, when all the while the Highest of our Being is offering a way of comfort and of ease. While falling is a part of every Soul’s evolution, there is a time for simply staying put until the heart reveals that it is time to rise again and move on forward.

And how, dear reader, do you speak to you when once again you hit the ground? Is it in tones of awe and affirmation? Are you applauding the wins and the gains of your life? Are you being the loving embrace you are moving toward? Inner atmosphere is everything! Recognizing what you saying to yourself about yourself gives way to a revolutionary choice: the choice to truly be the uplifting Presence that champions each and every moment of this grand adventure in Sacred Emergence. It is the choice to compassion every pain, and to affirm every moment of overcoming. Make no mistake; there is still a little toddler in us all that needs that quality of attention. It needs the encouragement, the attention, and the affirmation. We never lose the need for that. Being able to give that spaciousness to ones self is a huge leap in spiritual development. Having the inner-fortitude to own when we have stumbled and that we have indeed fallen- and to still remain a place of loving embrace is truly the only way to move forward in this journey. It is as if we are being coaxed by and moving toward the most loving and affirmative part of ourselves. The wisdom of the Highest Self is lovingly holding out It’s hands to the still wobbly personality self. In the Light of that love and encouragement, we cannot help but learn to stand tall and walk proud.

So the next time you “UH-OH,” be sure to give yourself an inner “AWE-YES!” Applaud your wins and compassion your losses. It’s all part of learning to walk the earth as the conscious co-creators we are here to be.