Thursday, January 27, 2022


I feel an impulse to share a prayer with you today.

While I actually rarely use words in prayer outside of my vocation this is one that has resonated in my heart for years.

“Focused Source Light: Useful as me now.”

I will not elaborate much, except to say that this is a practical, transformative prayer that I seek to live out and from on a daily basis.

The words ask for nothing. They align me in what is already true. Source Light is already What I Am. I am here to fully realize Source Light as my Life, my Being, my expression, and my contribution.

Source Light is Essence consciousness. It is my original Beingness. It is always seeking to become my practical expression. It is What I Am and why I am here. When I am awake to that dynamic I feel at peace. I feel a sense of useful joy. I feel a rightness and a lightness.

“Focused Source Light: Useful as me now.”

Light is Understanding. Not intellectual understanding. Intuitive understanding that Knows and Knows that It Knows. It moves out from me as Presence. As pure Beingness. It transforms all that It shines upon. Transformation is Its usefulness. This Light sees beyond current appearances or circumstances. This Light knows the distinction between Absolute and relative. Vertical and horizontal relating. Light knows that focus energizes. Light knows that intention transforms by Being Itself. Focusing intentional Light is the greatest Force3 in this world.

And the Force of Light is already within me. As me. Now.

The impulse to share this prayer is Light within me seeking to shine. Seeking to stream. Seeking to share. Seeking to be useful.

Maybe you will feel compelled to join me in being useful Light this day.

Together we become even more useful by our joined focused Light.

And so It is.