Thursday, January 3, 2019


I have long loved the feeling of possibility that comes during the transition between two calendar years. I have shared before regarding the energetic trajectory that is accelerated when many people are focused on intentions, goals, and resolutions. The critical mass consciousness is amped up for around 21 days surrounding the new year. It is palpable to me. I sense it, I feel it, and I personally choose to join in it.

The transition into the opening days of 2019 is no exception. While I am finding it to be a bit more chaotic than in years past, the sense of increasing potentiality is unmistakable. I find myself with equal parts of excitement and uncertainty. I am very clear about what I am internally called to. That is my priority for certain. And yet there is a pull regarding relationships and current life circumstances that is far more opaque. I cannot put it into words or bring it into view.

Something is calling for change. Something is stirring in not so gentle ways. I have always been highly intuitive, but this burgeoning impulse is not coming into clarity. I rarely fear change, so I do not believe that it is fear muddying the waters. There is a core of discontent in my solar plexus that simply won’t break through into clarity. It won’t reveal itself to me. At least not yet.

It is uncomfortable for sure, and I am good with that. This impending change or changes does not feel foreboding, though I do sense it could be major. Something needs to give. Something maybe even needs to die. There is a chain that is seeking to be broken. What that chain has held in place I yet do not know.

There is something or perhaps things that I need to let go of. Things that are standing in the way of a greater good. Situations and circumstances that have gotten too small. Relationships that are far too shallow. Withheld expressions that are crying for release.

Though uncomfortable I trust what is happening within me. I am clear how I spiritually, emotionally, artistically want to show up in 2019. My service to the world and my commitment to love is unwavering. My reason for being has never been clearer. With that as my foundation I can patiently wait for the changes to be revealed. As long as I am clear about what I am and who I am choosing to be the rest is placement.

And so, I wait. I explore my internal terrain. I look for clues. I curiously and even excitedly contemplate what is about to be revealed. I ride the waves of the collective even as I stay true and faithful to my autonomous self.

It is a rich and fertile time. I am grateful to be where I am, and I am staying wakeful for where I am being led next. For what is next in this great adventure of life. Amped up with possibility I am saying yes. Yes to whatever it is that wants to give way.