Thursday, June 21, 2018


So I previously posted and sent Days 1 and 2 of my 40 Daily Reminders from THE ART OF SOULFUL CO-CREATION. Here to celebrate this summer solstice is Day 3. You can review if you choose the previous days on my web-site Or just read and savor this one. Or skip altogether. I give unattached to what happens with the gift. Co-create a wonder-filled summer!

As embodied beings in this realm of physicality, we experience space in relation to what it seems to contain. The mind thinks of space as “something.” In actuality, space is no-thing.

This is no mere concept.

In the Universal Essence, which is the Source Is-ness of creation, space could not be measured based on objects, because there were no objects. There was no time, and there was nothing to hitch a concept too. There was in Truth not even space. The Universal Essence could perhaps most closely be described as spaciousness: Spacious Presence.

Although this seems to describe an experience in past tense, this is in Reality still the Truth underlying all that is. All matter seen and unseen is now contained in a field of Spacious Presence. The afore-mentioned Universal Essence Is the Essence of Spacious Presence. It is an All-Loving, All Intelligent Field of Is-ness, containing all that is in Its Infinite embrace. This Spacious Presence is the Source of Who and What we are. As hard as we may try to be something in this world, in actuality we are closer to being nothing. We are pure, potential Spacious Presence.

Our experience in this realm of time and space reality is for the purpose of bringing the All-ness of this Spacious Presence into form here on earth. We are here to channel this Omni-Intelligent Love into human form. We do this most effectively when we are in Remembrance of our Essence-nature.

When we are identified with existing form, we forget that our Essence is formless. We become mesmerized by past creations, and we forget our Essence potential. Essence is never bound by what has been. It is eternally free to create anew based on What It Is in Truth. When we are in Remembrance of Source, we are able to then create as Source. When we remember that we are at Essence Spaciousness, we can consciously choose what to create within that space.

As Spacious Presence, it is always Now, and Now is ever new. As much as we may love our creations, we may be ever-mindful that we are the Space that contains that which we create. Our spaciousness is a blissful non-attachment. We bring Loving Presence to our creations, even as we release and create anew. As we deepen into nothingness, an experience of All-ness arises.

You are Universal Essence in Spacious Presence.