Monday, September 4, 2017


Everything is energy. Everything. I am energy. I am a field of energy in an Infinite Energy Field.

When energy becomes informed it becomes matter. Always.

When I interact with matter I interact with energy within my field and within THE Field. So how I interact has a direct effect on what I am interacting with. My attention energizes. Not only my attention, but the WAY in which I attend. This is the physics of attention.

As I awaken spiritually I become more and more responsible for what happens in my personal energy field. I claim responsibility for what I am focusing on and most importantly HOW. My quality of attention is always and in all ways a contribution. HOW I focus informs energy. HOW I choose to focus transforms energy.

A hurricane is energy. It is informed energy called storm. While physical factors, which are non-reflective consciousness, play a role in it for sure, so does consciousness. Self-reflective consciousness and choice transform energies. So how I focus on this thing called a hurricane plays a big part in what happens with it.

If I focus fearful, reactive, combative energy on it the field called hurricane grows stronger. If I feel it churning in my gut, and yet choose to bring peace and acceptance to it, the energy called storm becomes transmuted.

This does not mean I do not take human actions and precautions. And while I may do so I consciously, wakefully focus my attention and energy on this field within my field and softly, firmly say PEACE, BE STILL. I do not hope it goes elsewhere. I do not fight it with resistance and fear.

I see it as an informed field of energy currently called Irma and I realize it is the same essential energy as am I.

And so I allow the peace within my heart to become the peace I give to this storm. Energy meets energy. Information is transformed with prayerful peace.

If the majority of human energy fields focuses fearfully and fitfully it strengthens the storm and draws it toward us. If a critical mass number of self-reflective beings join in feeling and saying PEACE BE STILL the information will calm and the stormy energy with dissipate.

Forecast becomes prophesy. So does prayer.

Peace be still. In here, and so out there.