Wednesday, August 10, 2016


For all the religious and spiritual lip service paid to the notion that God is love there is much lovelessness on display, often in the very places that espouse this teaching. I am personally intent on that paradigm being my unequivocal felt-reality. I am committed to uncovering all lovelessness within me so that I may be a living breathing space of God-love.

And that necessitates that I love you.

If this Thing we call God truly is love and I am created and contained within It then love is what I am. Period. No compromise. No conditions. No excuses. I am the love that is God and my only God is love. To love God is literally to love love. In order to love love I must synch into the Isness of God-love and then let myself be lived and loved within It. Then I must love you as a part of that Great All-inclusive love. As soon as I judge or withhold from you I am out of synch with love and so am dissonant with the experience of God. And only I can bring myself back into harmonic resonance. Only I, as a being of free will, can choose to return to love’s frequency. For me that is ultimately the only choice there is to make. I will either vibrate at the frequency of love or I will languish in the unconsciousness of separation and fear.

It is simple yet it is radical. It is not up to me to get you to love me. It is not up to me to decide whether or not you are deserving of love in this behavioral realm. It is not up to me to work endlessly to make myself worthy of love. It is up to me to make loving love my constant practice and my highest priority.

However you choose to show up in my sphere my task is to maintain my sense of the Greater Love. I may not like you or your behaviors. I may disagree with your ideologies and agendas. I may not understand or resonate with your choices. That is all irrelevant in my choice to focus on the Absolute Love that is our shared Truth. I am committed to accessing a different lens than what is the standard optical of the critical mass. I am here to see the God in you which is indeed an undeniable love. Love isn’t variable at the level of the Absolute. It is Absolute love that I must stay aligned in. When I am awake within the God in me I will see and know the God in you. It is in the shared abiding place that we is one. IS. ONE. GOD. LOVE.

Loving you is what I am. Literally. In order to be what I am I choose to extend the love within my heart and let it surround the world. If I am out of synch I pray and I return to the One Reality which is Love. As I do this I live in the reality that God is indeed Love. And love is what I am.