Tuesday, December 3, 2013


As we enter the final days of Hanukkah I feel more profoundly than ever the simple yet revolutionary message of this ancient festival of Lights. Though I was not born into the Jewish tradition I have come to respect and love many of the observances of this faith. I often joke that I have become an observant non-Jew. I am grateful to be open to finding inspiration in whatever form it takes, and it is resplendent in this eight day celebration of miracles and overcoming.

Central to this holiday is the decree that is spelled out by the Hebrew letters on the spinning top called a dreidel. The abbreviations stands for “a great miracle happened there.” The miracle being referred to wasn’t the incredible achievements of the Macabee army or the reclaiming of the grossly defiled temple. It wasn’t that the Syrians had been defeated though they greatly outnumbered the tiny band of Jews. The miracle that is celebrated during this wondrous observance is that with only an amount of oil that could logistically keep the menorah burning for one night it kept the Eternal Flame glowing for eight consecutive days and evenings. One vial of sacred oil seemed to multiply itself as the faithful Jews of the day used what they had to keep the Sabbath holy. The forces of the Universe honored their dedication and faith and matched it with a transcendent demonstration of what Source Illumination is capable of.

Hear that with me. What Source Illumination is capable of. I love lighting my candles each evening and recalling the miracle of that time. But more powerful yet is directly connecting to the presence of Source Illumination that is within me here and now. Miracles are not only for history. They are the destiny of each and every one of us that approach our days and moments with faithfulness in a power that is far, far greater than we are. This is a Power that is within us and not of us. It is allowable and yet not controllable. We can’t make miracles happen. They are beyond our conscious control. And yet they are the birthright of all of humanity. When we are tuned into and in synch with Source Illumination there is a Light that guides and directs us much more surely than any GPS ever invented. This Light is in every cell of our being. It is the composition of our photons, and is quite literally the Light of Source animating and operating within us. To say that we are Light is not figurative. It is literal. We are here to be the shining miracles of Light that Source has intended and created us to be.

We all have times when we think we just can’t do it. These are the very times when Source Illumination can best be demonstrated. When I step aside and get out of the way, miracles happen through me that astound and delight me. Since my recent health crisis I have come to reaffirm my total reliance on the Source Power within me. There are many things I just can’t do yet. Being back in front of a congregation each Sunday is quite frankly impossible for me the person. But that feeling of personal powerlessness is the very opening Source needs to then empower, sustain, and shine through me. I am honoring of my physical limitations, while remaining reliant on the Source that is moving through me. I pray “light me up, shine through me!” And then I trust my prayer. I trust the Power that takes that prayer and turns it into a Light that just keeps burning in and as me.

A great miracle happened there for sure. I celebrate that each night as I light the candles. But a great miracle is happening here as well. In me and all around me. It is the same miraculous Source Light that has continued to burn brightly throughout creation. Go ahead, surrender to it. Let it move within you. Follow Its leadings. Trust in It. Place your faith in it. And then watch the Light that keeps on burning illuminate and shine through you.