Wednesday, May 29, 2013


I wish I had been born with a pause button.

There is nothing more transformational in my experience right now than the power of the pause. There is also nothing quite as confrontive. Every morning I pray to be given the ability to pause. I pray that I may have the degree of awakened awareness that recognizes that pause is a predecessor to choice. Pause is the difference between reaction and response. It is the difference between observation and evaluation. It is the difference between witness and identification. It is the difference between staying in a triggered trance and opening to a beholding recognition. It is the difference between who I think I am and what I truly am. It is confrontive in that there are still times when I am awake enough to consciously pause, observe the options, and still make the reactive choice. Ouch.

I wish I had been born with a pause button.

But if I had, would I always choose to use it?

I have ample evidence that when I pause and make the choice to lead with my heart, an awakened response is always the result. I also have ample evidence that within the awakened response my person may not get his way. The response will be one that serves a higher, more unified goal than me being right or me controlling outcomes. The heartful pause will always push the ego envelope. It will always shine a Light upon the choice between an ego personality reaction and a Soulful-self response. It will always act in service of my sacred emergence and not my personal agenda.

I may not have been born with a pause button, but I have found the ability to initiate pause in most every situation. My ability to pause is directly related to my awareness of my breath and to the sensations that are moving in my body. When I consciously breathe and feel the energy that is moving within me I also realize that I am the one that is breathing and feeling. That awareness alone IS my point of pause. I am the one experiencing the field of energy known as me. I am the one choosing to pause. I am the one that is choosing how to respond to the content of the moment. I am the one that can choose to turn every pause into a prayer. And in turning every pause into a prayer I allow each moment to be a reflection of the Highest version of myself. In pausing I create a context for the miraculous. I pause, I choose Source, and I soar within the highest reaches of my Soulful-self.

Presence and Beholding are my pause buttons.

Pausing and opening into Presence and Beholding let me see through the lens of Source. And as I look through the lens of Source my world is transformed one pause at a time.