Thursday, November 3, 2011


My dear friend and travel companion Susann delivers her earthy wisdom with unmistakable and succinct simplicity; “it’s all in how you choose to describe it.”

Isn’t that just wonderful? It sends my internal atmosphere into gleeful giggles and awing affirmation. And it is indeed her simplicity that makes it so very profound. In any of the experiences that occur within our lives the way in which we choose to describe those experiences is what will lead us either to resistance and suffering, or to acceptance and to peace. It is all in what we are saying about what simply happens to be. It is the internal dialogue that we so often unconsciously generate and then believe as truth that leads us into battle with the situations and the circumstances of our days. It is our evaluations and judgments of what is happening that sends our minds into turmoil, our emotions into chaos, and bodies into stressful contraction. There is what is happening in life, and there is what we are saying about it. The latter is optional. The former is not. An enormous gift of spiritual awareness is that we begin to gain the spaciousness and the conviction to be able to choose at any time how we are going to experience our experiences. We always are at choice as to how we will frame what is happening in our lives. We get to describe our lives in whatever terms we choose, using whatever words we want to use. Everything we think and say has an energetic effect in our individual field and in the collective field as well. Our words are a contribution, whether they are consciously chosen or not.

Words have power. Felt-words are power! They are literally containers of energetic power. Words carry the frequency of the pre-verbal intention that then imbues the words that are spoken either internally or audibly. The word goes forth, and it is a strong attractor for future creation. It does not go forth without returning multiplied. You cannot describe something without also prescribing its continuation. We all, unconsciously or not, have been declaring our lives into manifestation from the time we learned to speak. This is the very same dynamic we read in the biblical Genesis account of creation; “and God said Let There Be Light, and there was Light.” We were created with this very same dynamic within us. Whether we are describing something that has already happened or that we anticipate happening in the future, that description has the power of the creative Law behind it. And God said. And so it was. That is our nature as well. It isn’t something you can turn on and off. Creation is ongoing, and much of that creation is done through the power of the word.

Listen to what you are saying. Feel the energetic effect your thoughts and words are having in your body. It is an infallible guidance system. Describe something as you choose that it will be, and it cannot be otherwise. Not necessarily the particulars, but the way in which you will choose to receive and perceive it. If you declare that everything that happens in your life is for your highest good and for the highest good of all, it will ring true in your heart of hearts and in the circumference of your externals. You get to describe your life in whatever way you choose. You get to frame your past in whatever way you choose. You get to word a world of serenity, joy, and unending love.

It’s all in the way you choose to describe it. Thanks, Susann.