Tuesday, February 15, 2011


The return to the heart is the return to the direct experience of Sourced unconditional Love. It is the return quite literally to the home we have never actually left. In order to live from the heart, you must live within and from the heart center. There is nothing ambiguous about that instruction. To live from the heart you must allow the attention to remain in the heart. Nothing could be simpler and yet so confounding. To a world mostly identified with the content of the surface mind, the return to heartfulness is scary at best and often terrifying beyond reason. To begin to live in the heart rather than in the mind requires a level of honest feeling and surrendered thinking that as of yet appeals to only a few. We are so fearful of feeling the depth of pain we intuitively know is defending our hearts that to remain at the dictates of the mind seems a worthwhile compromise. The mind is somewhat controllable while the unleashed passion of an open heart will take us places our woundedness is simply too fearful to go. And yet it is within that awakened heart that our true identity lies. It is passion and not passivity that is emblazoned in our Souls and encoded in our hearts. To deaden a being of Sourced aliveness is unworthy of who we are at depth. We so often misuse our Indwelling Power to withhold and to withdraw. It requires enormous energy to stave off the Universal. It weakens our bodies and splinters our person. We are dying because we refuse to truly live. To cut ourselves off from our feeling nature is to defend against the very forces of creation. When we become open, available, and willing to feel through the veiling that has shrouded our aching hearts, joyfulness beyond comprehension becomes available too. When we commit ourselves to deep intimacy and abiding authenticity, blissfulness of Being becomes our context and our companion. Connection to our hearts is connection to our Souls and to our world. We truly return home to the realm of the One.

When we are authentically connected to our hearts and to our Source, we experience the feeling of Love. Not a thinking concept, but a felt-sense embodied vibration. We are meant to live in an experience of vibrational harmony of In-Sourced Love. If we are not feeling love, we are asleep to who we are. When we move from an experience of contraction and disconnection to one of openness and lovingkindness, a miracle has occurred in our inner-world. Every moment of incarnation is an opportunity to choose the direct experience of unconditional Love. You cannot access that via the mind. Love is not an intellectual construct. It is a passion and a frequency that will overcome you with its intimacy, beauty, honestly, and exhilaration.

We are here to let into the Love. Release the grip of fear and relax into the embrace of Love. Let your heart feel. Let it feel relentlessly and unashamedly. Believe not the interpretations and subsequent stories. Simply stay open and Presence the feeling of Love as it shines into the fear and frees it’s self to be. The return to the heart is the return to the direct experience of unconditional love. Uncomfortable it may be. Yet to reopen the heart is to reignite the passion. And when you reignite the passion you restore your innate possibility.

So come home, my friend. Feel deeply the heart. Feel deeply the content of the moment. Feel deeply the Love. Feel deeply the Source.