Monday, January 17, 2011


Many years ago I heard a quote that has never left me and has also informed many of the choices I have made since hearing it:

This is the week in the calendar year when statistically well over 90% of people who set intentions for the New Year have already lost the resolve to embody the changes they stated they wanted to make. Isn’t that amazing? I am writing this at the beginning of the third week of 2011. During the days that occur between the third and fourth weeks of any new year intentions, resolutions, goals, and commitments have already been abandoned by well meaning people who, having been so moved by the clean slate of a new calendar, looked more closely at their life experiences for places where a greater potential could be realized. I believe that this inquiry is inherent in the path of every emerging Soul in time and space reality. We are wired to reach for more. We have an internal siren that goes off when we are taking residence in mediocrity. We truly are Beings of Infinite Possibility that are here in this realm of manifest creation to allow consciousness and matter to expand our inherent Essence into an earthly experience reflective of our True Nature. We are, in short, here to G-awed within G-awed. We are here to allow Divinity to flower forth into our humanity. In more theological terms, we are here to heaven earth. We are not here to squander our days and pilfer our potentiality. There is something in us that both wants to plant our feet firmly on this glorious Gaia earth and also to spread our Soulful wings and to soar into the heavens of our Highest consciousness. If this is indeed indicative of our inherent Sourced reality, then why is it that we often can’t seem to maintain an energizing focus on an intention for more than a mere three weeks?

I truly believe it is because we haven’t truly taken a stand for our own Sourced worthiness. We haven’t taken a stand or taken seriously the responsibility for living the most radically loving and passionately expressed lives that we possibly can. When we do not take a stand for Essence magnificence, we fall for the excuses of the fearful ego story that buries itself in holes of doubt, fear, and limitation. We listen to and believe the lies of our own surface selves. We build walls of programmed limitations and ceilings of conditioned contraction and then move into these houses that become prisons of our own mis-perception. Yet we cannot positively think our way out of these jails. Spiritual or self-help concepts do not a transformation make. A Sunday service and a daily reminder are helpful tools, but they do not equal a devoted stand to unconditional awakening. They cannot rival the power of an uncompromising commitment. By taking a stand for Who you really are, you rally the Universal Force that holds the planets in their orbits and miraculously grows babies within the womb. This is the Source-force that moves a tiny shoot up and through a Manhattan sidewalk to present as flower, and tenaciously uses a flowing stream to dig a canyon Grand. This is Life. We are Life. And yet we must decide what experience we are going to have in this earthly atmosphere. We must choose. And once we decide, it requires vigilance, dedication, perseverance, and great devotion. Spiritual surrender is a full time gig. We truly must take a stand for living this Life of Love in the most spacious and expansive way that our heartful yes can possibly allow. We are each called to it. We are each and everyone the chosen One. Life longs to live freely and fully as you. You know it. You can feel it. That is why we set intentions and let goals pursue us. And we must take a stand, or we will repeatedly fall back into the trance, just like 90% + of the population is doing this very week.

I invite you to truly take a stand for what it is your Soul is urging you to express. Don’t fall for the critical mass lies of what is or isn’t possible. In Source, everything is possible. Take a stand for Truth, and it really will set you free.