Tuesday, December 14, 2010


As we rapidly approach what is for many the biggest holiday of the year, I have been riding the waves of Christmases past and the way in which the symbolism has continued to evolve within me. I am profoundly grateful for the transformation of past theological belief systems that only made Christmas the celebration of a far off historical super-man. If there is one thing that feels particularly clear this 2010 holiday season, it is that the commemoration of this birthday will either have personal implications, or it is merely a pleasant but impotent church ordained feast day. I have been reminding audiences this Advent that the Christ and Jesus is not the same thing. They are not synonymous. As silly as it sounds and is, Christ was also not Jesus’ sir name. Jesus was a historical man that literally became an embodiment of the Christed Presence. He actualized the I Am principle while still here on earth. He so realized the Divine potential that is inherent in all of us that people began to make him an exception instead of an example. For me this misses the message he so passionately taught and demonstrated. We are each and every one of us the Christ of G-awed. The Christed I Am Presence is Who we are by virtue of our Sourced creation. We are the out breath and eternal exhalation of the One. The Word was spoken and we are here. It is for us now to become the Word of the One in time and space reality. That is our purpose, our power, our privilege, and our responsibility. Jesus recognized this purpose, and it became his passion. He so tapped into the One Presencing Power that his focused Source intention gave way to seeming miracles while he was on earth. He saw the Goodness of Source underlying all manifestation, and this insight changed whatever he looked upon. This was the great Light that prophets had predicted. He became the fulfillment of the prophesy. He became the embodiment of the Light. He so knew Who he was that no effect had any power over him. Does this demonstration deserve celebration? Absolutely. But not as a religious messiah that redeemed humankind. To celebrate the actualization of the Christ by the man Jesus is to humbly and courageously follow the example he gave by stepping into and out from this same Christed Presence. It is to become who and what we already are in Truth right here in the manifest realm. It is to allow ourselves to align so completely within our Source that our very Beingness is an aura of Living Love Light wherever we go and in whatever we do.

This Christmas allow the Advent season and the celebration of the Light to be less about Jesus and more about you. Honor his legacy by becoming your own destiny. Recognize that Christ is not the domain of one religion, but the Essence of all Reality. It is the Light of the Unconditioned making ItSelf known in form. It is the practical, applied, useful Light within our own hearts that is transforming this world. It is always awaiting recognition beneath the cacophony of our noisy minds. It is found in the still, silent night of our open inner chamber. Remember that Christ is beyond what can really be born. Christ is and has always been. It is for us to awaken to it. Like Jesus did. Like all the avatars and enlightened ones have. And now it is our turn. It is occurring. It is taking on momentum. The critical mass is shifting as more and more individuals become the embodiment of Christ. This mass shift to the Christed Presence is in a very literal way the Mass of Christ. This is the deeper meaning of this holiday. This is the way to truly honor the legacy of Jesus. In the broader demonstration, Jesus did become synonymous with Christ. In the same way, we are each being called to open into the same transcendence. The only thing stopping you is the identification with the limiting labels of the surface mind. It is the entranced synchronization with the emotional content. None of that is true. What is True and eternal is the Christ by any name becoming embodied at this time and in this place.

With all the beauty, celebration, libation, and materialism that accompany this holiday, may you not lose sight that Christmas is about YOU! It is about me. It is about the One Christ in mass expression. You are already the Light you seek. And now it is time to Shine!

Merry Mass of Christ.