Friday, April 9, 2010


I am consciously and joyfully entrained with the Universal creative impulse that is radiating through the forms of nature all around me, and it is spurring me on into my own creative acts. While I am aware that this blog travels throughout the country and into a myriad of climates and time zones, we here in south Florida had a record setting cold winter that has provided a contrast that we rarely get to experience. The freeze took its toll on several non-indigenous life forms, and I am still a bit sad not to see the countless iguanas that used to greet me on my morning walks in the park. Many trees and shrubs were stunned into seeming death during the unusually long chill. I watched as several of the plantings in my own yard recoiled and dropped. My beloved butterfly garden looked piqued at best. And now the warm has returned, and it seems the cold and the seeming death were only in service of a more resplendent spring. Trees and plants that were bare are flowering forth with a vitality and veracity that is truly palpable. Mother ducks and other water fowl are leading their baby broods everywhere along the surface of the lake. A fitness walk is all but impossible now as I simply must take the frequent pauses my vast appreciation calls me to take. It is all breath taking and life affirming in a way that words could never capture. Creation is magnificently creating out of ItSelf, and I recognize the process as that of my own. I feel the surge of life around me and within me, and it reminds me of how from every seeming death, there is new and vital life.

Though I will not know the supreme joy and honor of biological parenting in this incarnation, I am well familiar with the process of procreation in the most grand and glorious sense of the term. We are always and in all ways procreating. Beyond gender or sexuality, the feminine and the masculine principles within each of us are swirling and dancing in a sacred mating ritual that gives way to the birthing of what it is we are called to bring forth. The masculine intention enters into the feminine field of attention, and in a way mysterious to the logic-driven surface mind, a birthing is certain to take place. The call of awakening spiritual aspirants at this point in our evolution is to more consciously utilize this tremendous gift of our Source. We so often mis-use these creative qualities, and so undermine what it is we are seeking to birth. In our American culture, we often over-masculinize our intentions by exerting control and dominance, ignoring the need for a feminine quality of spacious attention and allowing. It is also common for others to be so surrendered into a state of over-sedation that no intention is directive enough to initiate Universal Law. This results in a defaulted alignment with the predominant critical mass. No choice is indeed a choice. Both the masculine and the feminine are needed in equal measure. We are called to surrender into the Source wisdom of the All Is One, and yet also given the privilege and responsibility to intend and create our own experiences here in this realm. Both the deathing and the flowering forth are part of our creative process as well. Nature knows and so beautifully displays this, and it is ever teaching us by way of perfect example.

Wherever you may be in this wild and wondrous world, take a good, long look around you. Really, truly see. Watch and feel the glory of creation happening around you, and deeply experience it within your own body instrument. What procreation is seeking to occur within you this day? What is wanting to be born? As long as we are in this realm and in these bodies, creation is occurring within us. I invite you to consciously utilize your masculine intention this day, and hold it in the beauty of your own feminine attention. Allow spring to occur within you, just as it is happening around you. Bring Presence to something within you that is dying, and allow that death to be the birthplace of a miraculous new expression of life. The Universe is just as in awe of our personal creations as we are of that which is around us. After all, it is Its Life in radiant and radical expression. It is Life celebrating Life.