Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I was astounded when I heard the news report that the recent earthquake in Chile was so strong that it moved the earth on its axis by three inches. It is inconceivable to my intellect, and yet a profound inner knowing tells me that Gaia is demonstrating something very usable to me if I but heed her message. As I have continued to send waves of Living Love Light to the people of Haiti, I include those devastated and displaced by this recent movement of the seismic plates in Chile. I feel more deeply than ever the interconnectedness I know to be our Truth as I watch the agony of those affected. The pain of not knowing what has happened to loved ones is almost worse at a level than facing the actualization that a life has been lost. Their tears are my tears, and their loss a global loss. In a moment of time, two countries will never be the same and lives are forever changed. It awakens the compassion deep within me, and I hold all of these in my wakeful heart.

I do not pretend to understand the dynamics of earthquakes, and the one I experienced personally was too small to garner more than a small amount of curiosity. I do relate these recent events to times in my own life, though, when situations occurred that truly seemed at a felt-sense to rock my inner world and shift me upon my axis. These events left me with the sense that I would never again be the same, and in a very real way, I was not. These were times when the inner-landscape of my consciousness shifted in such a radical way that I was left temporarily stunned and literally unable to function. Nothing inside of me felt the same, and the re-occurrences of after-shocks left me feeling unstable and afraid. The topography of my life had changed, and I grieved what was lost, even as I struggled to open to what might come to be. These were also the times in my life when the most expansion and integration were resultant. These were the times when what was cleared away by circumstance opened the way for something I might not have otherwise entertained. It was after my inner earthquakes that I attended most compassionately to my inner world and to my body. It was after these drastic shifts that I was the least locked into my mind, and most accessible in my heart. In the contemplation that followed, I often found that the things that seemed to be taken away were not carefully considered in the first place. We humans are notorious for not cooperating with the natural order of our earth mother, than cursing the “acts of God” that are the results of our own lack of attention. I recognize my personal history of building something upon my own fault lines of fear, and then being surprised when the structure couldn’t withstand the changing movements of an ever expanding consciousness. I would watch in horror as something fell that I was never really inspired to build. Anything made in reactionary fear is precarious indeed. New modes of construction will not alter this reality of consciousness. As painful as my own seismic movements have been, they have always come bearing gifts that more than compensated for the inner turmoil they engendered. I have come to know in retrospect that these were necessary movements that I had simply not been paying attention to in advance. As I have come to feel more deeply into my own earthen body, I am less surprised by the movements that are actually always taking place. It takes much less of a shift to get my attention. The place on the Richter scale is lessened by a deeper and more intimate level of awareness.

Having spoken of my own inner earthquakes is in no way a measure of “meta-physicalizing” what has occurred in Haiti and in Chile. It isn’t my way of distancing from these beloveds; it is my heart touching those hearts, and sharing from my depths the times when my earth has moved and left me hurting. I write this and share this with a profound sense of reverence and appreciation for the shared beauty of the human condition. I want to be a space of solid earth that they can stand upon now. I want to hold their hands and sooth their hearts. I want to know beyond knowing that beyond the pain, fear, and destruction there is goodness coming forth. I know this for I have seen and felt this in my own inner-experience. The earth will continue to move just as our consciousness continues to change and to expand. This is not so much to be feared as to be embraced. Life is movement, and when we move with these shifts and changes, the destruction and devastation are minimized. For now, let all readers breathe a prayer of Light and of compassion for all those affected around our globe. And let us commit to staying awake to the inner shifts that are seeking to occur within ourselves.