Monday, January 4, 2010


There is something unique, special, magical, and yet daunting about an individual or collective demarcation point in life. A common collective demarcation is the bringing in of a calendar New Year. Many people individually choose to observe a birthday in a conscious and intentional way. There are myriad examples of these choice points, perhaps the most dramatic being that of a near death experience. These are often spoken of in hushed and hallowed tones. This is perhaps appropriate in that they may drastically alter the way in which we view and participate in our life experiences. To realize at a felt sense level that we are finite beings can be a profound and miraculous wake up call. It invites us to really take a good, intimate look at how we have been living. What quality of attention have we been bringing not so much to the grander occasions of our lives, but especially to what is usually thought of as the more mundane and ordinary aspects of the day to day? How engaged are we in our moments? How congruent are our thoughts, feelings, activities, and interactions? How present are we when no demarcation is calling for heightened awareness? How present am I to my own Presence? How much of my surroundings am I actually cognizant of, and how curious am I about the astounding capabilities of my own inner workings?
Each moment is demarcation if we are paying attention. Perhaps that is the richest of all invitations. To pay attention to attention. To reside in a state of perpetual curiosity and awakened awareness. To be less intrigued by the near death, and more committed to the now life.
What is this moment of demarcation calling you to, my favored friend?


I began this new year of 2010 by beginning to read the 40 daily reminders of my own afore-mentioned E-Book, and I must say it has called me to a deeper level of appreciation of the inspiration that I have opened to in particularly the past few years. It is an odd thing to feel inspired by one’s own writings, and yet I must say that I do. It brings me into a fuller knowing that I am a willing channel of a wisdom that is vaster than that of an individual “I.” It reminds me that the gifts that I have been given are first for the purpose of allowing them to deepen and to inform me, but also so that I open to more fully share those gifts with others. That has for me been the broader challenge. Emotional imprinting and personal esteem issues have challenged me to heal beyond the personality sense of self, and to surrender into living as and from the grander vision that my Soul knows is my rightful place. Stepping into a Higher sense of Self, while still here in the earth realm, seems to me to be at the very center of human emergence. After years of disciplined spiritual practice, and also working with countless other soulful-aspirants, I have come to know that when we truly open to giving our greatest gifts, our deepest challenges will be exposed in service of our Soulful evolution. I do not need to know why this is so. I only recognize and appreciate that it is so.

And so here we are at the demarcation point of another new calendar year. While time is certainly an arbitrary and relative commodity, it also is a strong governing factor over this level of reality. The collective focus of the critical mass consciousness is currently, through not exclusively, on resolutions, intentions, goals, and aspirations for what may seek to express in this one and only year of 2010. And what is calling you, my cherished reader? What gifts has the Universe given to you that are seeking to be given on behalf of the One? What challenges might be exposed in your decision to give of your greatest Self? What might you be called to face this year that perhaps you have been too fearful to face in the past? How might you open to allow this to truly be the best and the brightest year of your incarnate life? How might you allow your own inspired wisdom to inspire and to enliven you, encouraging you to share that same Light with the world at large? These questions tug at me from my Highest self, and so I share them with you. I am devoted to opening more this year than I ever have before. I am dedicated to growing beyond the old self images that have hemmed me in. I am deciding and declaring in every day of this year that I am here to live Love out loud and I am not letting fear stop me from giving my fullest gifts of that Love. From day one to day three hundred and sixty five, I am allowing this to be the year of the PERFECT TEN! I am committed beyond reason to allowing that to be so. I invite you to join me as you so choose. Allow this to truly be the best year of your life, and shine forth in radiant love.