Tuesday, September 1, 2009


In the most recent studies of the frequency and efficacy of prayer, it was found that an estimated 90% of people world wide state that they believe in and actually engage personally in praying on a regular basis. That is an astounding statistic for many reasons. First, though the form, language, practice, and theology of this act of faith will vary among the many religious and spiritual traditions, as many as 90% of the world’s population are engaged in an active seeking of connection to the Source of their being. Perhaps even more than 90% of the peoples of this world believe that there is a Power greater and a Force transcendent of the appearances of the manifest realm. With all of the myriad differences between the races contained in our humanity, we are at the most spacious level in agreement regarding the Truth that there is indeed an All-Knowing Source of Life that is actively engaged in ongoing creation, and that this Source may be accessed through some form of conscious contact. I may also add that it continues to fascinate me that with 90% of all people believing in the transforming power of prayer, we are still experiencing the world of form in the often tragic way in which we are.
After spending the bulk of my youth heavily ensconced in the traditional Christian prayer techniques of talking to what often amounted to a far-off and disagreeable God out there, my current experiencing of active engagement within the vibrational Source of All that Is leaves me in a state of amazement, appreciation, astonishment, and awe. The before described belief in the power of prayer seems anemic next to the felt-sense Knowingness of the actual experience. Having been blessed with many opportunities to experience prayer with individuals and groups from many of the world’s religions, it seems more apparent than ever that an intellectual belief in the power of prayer does not necessarily result in the actual union that is the deeper promise of this ancient practice. I will only reverence any attempt to connect to Source by whatever lens you choose to explore it. It is often true, however, that there is a deadening in the practice that is most often ladened with words from the mind, and devoid of feeling in the heart. And that, my beloved readers, is the Power inherent in the Presencing practice of prayer.
Prayer may enlist words for the sake of evoking feeling, yet the depth of prayer is in the sensations generated by aligning within the One Source. Prayer is not mental, it is vibrational. When one is vibrating at the frequency of Source, prayer is its own answer. In the vast majority of the praying of the world, great attention is given to what is deemed to be wrong, broken, or missing. Some type of pleading is then engaged, imploring the God of current understanding to fix these supposed problems in such and such a way, and within this time frame. The vibrational content of the prayer is the frequency of the perceived problem. We are inadvertently creating more of what we don’t want; by focusing the power of our attention on what the mind thinks is wrong. Our feeling state is the power behind our ability to consciously co-create. Our feeling state, when plugged into Source, is what brings the manifestation of Divinity into the forms of this realm. Our feeling state IS prayer. When we are heartfully focused within the ever-Present, Already Isness, our inner-state of heaven becomes the reality right here on earth. If even close to 90% of the worlds population would tap into the feeling level of Source, the great awakening would be here and it would be now. It WILL be here, it WILL be now. It is the WILL of the One, and so it must be so.
I am devoting the month of September to saturating myself more than ever in the vibrational frequency of my Source. I am called more and more to the simplicity of Being. For me, the crux of the spiritual journey to now here is the direct relationship of vibrational prayer and experiential forgiveness. That’s it. I align myself within Source, and become a field of PRAYER that FORGIVES the appearances of the world in me. I feel deep within my Soul that it is for this that I came. That is my earthly mission. To deeply love all that is through the felt-sense Knowingness of a prayer that forgives back to One. That is the Presencing Power of Prayer. Feel Source deeply, and SO IT IS.

September 10th is the Unity World Day of Prayer, and I am excited to host an event on 9.9.9 all about the mechanics of prayer, and its practical application. I will end the month facilitating a workshop on Forgiveness. Information on these events is available on the site.