Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I have been very consciously praying into the quality of Innocence during this month of March 2009, and I am witnessing a flurry of emotional activity such as I haven’t experienced in quite awhile. To the surface mind this would be a paradox to be resisted. In the context of mind duality, when one prays for or into Innocence, only an experience of perfect peace should be the result. If you look back at and feel into the preceding statement, a few fallacies will be apparent.

As challenging as it is to describe, surface mind duality is never really contextual. The content of the mind is what is dualistic, never the context. The mind is in essence one, with the capability of perceiving parts due to the belief in separation. This is often difficult to intellectually grasp, as the ego needs to remain hidden in order to maintain dominion. The one who is thinking, or the one sometimes referred to as I AM, is contextual as one. It has the capability to either watch the content of thought, or to be become identified with it. When I refer to I AM, I’m not referring specifically to Source, but to that I AM which is Sourced. The vast majority or humankind is identified with its thinking, and so has lost the experience of witness. As witness, all is One in Innocence. To pray into Innocence is to align you at the level of One. In the felt-sense experience of One, nothing is resisted, so content is embraced by the context of True being. Innocence is a quality of attention, and so is prayer. Perfect Peace is the result of prayer. Prayer doesn’t exclude anything, which is why the result is Peace. As I have been praying into Innocence, all of the unconscious mind content that needs to be exposed and integrated has been arising for just that purpose. If I were to choose to identify with that content, the result would certainly not be one of peace. As I accept the surface content chaos as the result of my prayer into Innocence, I remain peaceful with what is at a level beneath the surface. The key word to notice in the above ego declaration is “should.” The ego mind content always has a stronghold on what should or should not be. The I Am context has no impulse to “should-on” any situation or anyone. It remains ever mindful that it is the very context of Innocence, and as context, Innocence chooses to embrace all that is, as is.
Innocence as is. My heart sings at the very notion. I respond momently to the call back to Innocence. For that was I born. Innocence is all that is truly impressionable. It is why as children we are emotionally imprinted so easily. We must return to that Innocence through the felt-sense forgiveness of that imprinting. The more Innocent we become as context, the more we are then able to impression a world within that becomes our contribution to the Whole. As innocent children, we are imprisoned by impressions of guilt. As awakening adults, we are freed by the impressioning of Source Innocence. The result is an experience of a peace that truly passes understanding.

One of my favorite prayers, which I adapted from A COURSE IN MIRACLES, goes as such:

I Am knowing you this day, dear friend, as the Holy Innocence of G-awed Itself. Be in Perfect Peace, in Innocence: as is.