Friday, January 23, 2009


It is a beautiful thing to behold America’s love affair with its forty-forth newly inaugurated President. Barack Obama has captured and captivated the hearts of countless people around the world. As impressive and inspiring as this incredible man is, he has thrown down a gauntlet to those who are perhaps still too enamored by the messenger to perceive the inherent message; the change that so many are longing to see is not the domain of one man, regardless of how impressive he may be. The hope and possibility that we are feeling is a hope that must be courted by the masses, and a possibility that must become practical within each and every one of us. The only way for this or any country to change is by the transcendence of its individual members. As another luminous being once said,” we must become the change we wish to see.”

President Obama is calling for a new era of responsibility, not in just Washington, but in the hearts of all who are ready for a transformation in consciousness, and so in our world. Responsibility is frightening to the ego thought system, and it has an entire empire of avoidance strategies with which to keep this empowering decision at bay. Let me capsulate what a new era of responsibility means to me: it is a state of being in which the interiority is primary, and that inner-state is independent of what is going on outside of ones self. The dominion of the Soul transcends the preferences of the ego, and it is clearly understood that the only empowerment comes through claiming ownership of the internal atmosphere in which one lives. There is no blame where projections are recognized, and the realization of consequence allows for a conscious courting of integrated cause and effect. Compassion for the plight of humanity expands as Presence, and experience is honored in softening and merciful attention. Victimhood pales in the Light of insightfulness, and vigilance replaces the trance of unconsciousness in our moment to moment interactions. We in short take responsibility for our experiences, and for how we choose to show up in each moment of our incarnation.

It is indeed a new era of responsibility, and personal responsibility is the only way the earth realm can continue to sustain itself now and for future generations. We now have a leader who is by example a being of strong integrity and actualized vision. He is, however, a way-shower and not a messiah. It is up to each of us to embody the message of change, hope, and possibility. Responsibility paves the way for moment to moment choice. We are being called not only by President Obama but by the impulse of cosmic emergence to stay awake! We are being called to a level of commitment uncommon in times past. We are being called to walk our talk, and to Be our Truth. The call is Universal and it is individual. It will not be silenced, though it is born of Silence. It is time to move beyond time, and to claim for ourselves a new, a now era of responsibility. Change has come, for it is within our very hearts.