Saturday, December 26, 2020


Everything is literally in limbo.

And that is a very good thing.

As a clergy person this is a busy time of year for me. Even in a time of pandemic distancing there are additional services to co-create and added attention to those who are isolated and alone. Yet the time between Christmas and New Year has the familiar feeling of limbo and uncertainty that it has long had for me. The old year is not yet passed but the new is already calling to be intended and embodied.

Everything is literally in limbo.

The longer I have walked this planet the more comfortable I have grown with uncertainty and limbo. The energies for me are pregnant with possibility. There is tension that is ripe with potential. That potential is a pathway my Soul is seeking to unfold. And so, a feeling of holiday restfulness meets a simmering of new year restlessness. A beseeching to become more fills the space where I really long to do less. The gas and the brake pedals are depressed, and the internal motor is racing. There is a part of me that wants to speed out of 2020, yet I do not know what 2021 may hold.

Everything is literally in limbo.

I have repeatedly heard the cries from countless people wanting this year of 2020 to be over. I get that. I really do. I also get that time and calendars are arbitrary markers that do not signal or cease patterns that are independent of time. The unresolved energies of 2020 will be carried right over into 2021. The ball will drop, the corks will pop, and the dramas will be there when the hangovers pass. The work we did not do in 2020 will cry to be attended to in 2021. And 2025. And so on.

And so, this limbo time is precious.

Limbo time is liminal. It is a chance to be relished, cherished, and fully utilized. Beyond the Christmas leftovers there is internal exploration to be dived into and digested. This is the time to really stop and to look closely at what has happened in and to you during the preceding year. What is energetically trapped by resistance, remorse, or resentment? What did a year of 20/20 vision reveal that needed to be seen? What projections and blame are disempowering and robbing us of co-creative potential vitality? What was denied or suppressed that is calling for insight and resolution?

When embraced limbo is incredibly fertile. It is necessary for growth, forgiveness, and transformation. It can, if we choose, be the most important time of our years. Without limbo we tend to repeat. We unconsciously stay stuck in the name of feeling safe. But we must come to own that often suffering is bred from a false sense of what is safe. Beyond safety is the broader life that is calling to be lived. That has been calling to be lived. All year. For a decade. Perhaps even for a lifetime.

And we fill the limbo for fear of the discomfort and uncertainty. And our greatest living is in the discomfort of uncertainty.

It is in the limbo.

And so I write these words as a declaration that I am wading waist high in limbo and I am loving each and every moment of it. 2020 was beyond the definition of challenging. I saw more suffering than I have ever seen. More chaos, disruption, violence, greed, dishonesty, injustice. I also saw an energetic revelation of what needed to be seen in service of what is calling to be known. To be chosen. To be vision and embodied. We cannot heal what we do not look at and directly feel.

And I have chosen to do that.

And so, with added activity still to be accomplished I am also stealing as much limbo time as I possibly can. I am praying into a greater possibility for this arbitrary turning of a calendar page. I am seeking clarity and release. I am leaning into the limbo to see what it has to show me. I open into the uncertainty with very little sense of discomfort. For limbo has become a close and reliable friend. Liminal space, by experience, has become a comfort zone of increasing possibility. I love the limbo. And it has repeatedly shown me that it loves me.

Everything is literally in limbo.

Every possibility. All potentiality. Everything unseen that is seeking to be seen. Everything unknown that is wanting to be known. It is all there. It is all here. It is all within the now.

Limbo literally is everything.

Just wait, and then see.