Thursday, August 17, 2017


In an age of internet and social media the ability to join energies and co-create experience is profound. And it could well be my undoing.

With an increasing barrage of information and energy it is a full time job to stay awake and present. Chaotic forces are blurring the mind and shuttering the heart. This is happening at the macro level and has a direct effect within every living micro-being.

As dualistic humans we have an equal opportunity to generate either darkness or light. We are receivers and transmitters both. Everything in manifest creation is energy, and so energy is always moving and being transformed. This can happen as darkness being transformed to Light, and it also happens as Light being drawn to darkness. The current predominant force in collective human consciousness is fear and darkness. It is grief. It is disconnection. This is our suffering. And at the highest level it is my opportunity for choice.

I feel the waves of fear, darkness, grief, and disconnection moving within me. I see manifestations of them everywhere. I hear their voices all around me. I see them posting themselves, their veracity going viral. As I allow the free movement of these energies within me I move into conscious relationship with them. They are not what I am. They are not what you are. And there is an enormous identification with them for the masses. Some are fighting for them, and some are fighting against them. There is a ferocious level of fight.

It is seductive to join in the fight. And it is the fight impulse that is increasing the energy fed into the objects of attention. I become what I fight against. I join my energies into the fear and darkness. The greater potential is that I also become what I take a stand for. Same dynamic. Radically different outcome.

And so I feel these energies and I lean into the feel. I relate to the energy, and not to what I think is sourcing it. I attend to the places it tends to lock in me. I reclaim my transferences and projections. I become a conduit for these energies to be transmuted.

I am willing for this chaotic time in history to undo me. Yes, I am willing to be undone.

I am willing to see and feel the effects of my own programming. I am willing to take responsibility for the energy I am putting into the field. I am willing to have the True Source shine through me and to extend Its Light into all of this fear, darkness, grief, and disconnect. I am willing to allow my Being to be a beacon.

So every wave I feel, every post I read, every fight I see is a miraculous possibility for me to contribute peace. It is an opportunity for me to shine the Light and to spread the love. It is a chance for me to use my place within the One to generate and to give Sourced energy.

In so doing my sense of separation is diminished and my conscious doing is in actuality my ego-undoing. My autonomy becomes an opening to intimacy. My every moment becomes my contribution. I choose how I show up and what I transmit.

So unknot me, life. Undo me now. I am stand for Light, compassion, love, and peace. I am stand for what I ultimately am.