Thursday, September 30, 2010


I often like to begin my days with a heartful inquiry that goes something like this:


This inquiry always spawns a myriad of subsequent questions. “How would I behold myself and my world if my only reality was Love? What might I be inspired to give and to achieve if I remained aligned within the Universe of One Love? What would my inner atmosphere feel like if my only internal response was one of Love? What past stories would be shined away if they were seen through the lens of present Love? What self-opinion might I surrender if I truly knew that my Essential Self is only Love? What internal wars would be stilled if they were held in the Loving Embrace of my Sourced Loving Self? How might I be used in the service of the Grand Awakening if my only contribution was Love?”

When I speak of knowing I am not pointing to intellectual assent or New Thought concept. When love is a mental notion it is devoid of any lasting and causal power. The surface mind, being an instrument of duality, cannot know unconditional love. When we as humans were small children, our authentic Essence nature of unconditional Love was open, accessible, and impressionable. We were experientially wide open beings of authentic love. We gave that love readily, and expected it in return. The scope of the ensuing dynamics is beyond the scope of this writing; suffice it to say that when we were totally open as Love, we received a conditioned reaction that spoke to us energetically of something less than what we actually are. We wanted to give and to receive the wide open love that we in actuality are, and in some way we were met with disapproval, rejection, contraction, and even shame. This resulted in a pulling back into a protective posture. It resulted in a belief that who we are when we are authentic and open is unacceptable. We made an emotional equation that being love results in some form of rejection. That is the great illusion that has trapped humankind; the belief that there is a power other than love that holds dominion over our authentic Self. We have in this great illusion become fearful of giving our love, of being our love. As illogical as it seems to the mind, we actually have come to fear love. And that, my dear readers, is hell.

And so though at times the return to Source seems complicated and bound by time, the return is really only a remembrance. It is the remembrance that behind this childhood wounding, Love remains the Essence of our being. It is only known as it is given. It becomes a reality when it is practically applied. The journey back requires that we move emotionally through these early woundings, feeling fully the energy that has been blocked by our own reactive pullback. This does not require a story. This wounding occurred before we were mental beings. It does not require time, as Love is of eternity. It does not require endless processing, which is a favorite ploy of the egoic mind. It requires merely our own undivided loving attention. Remembering that for most of us love equals rejection, we must be diligent in our opening. We must be vigilant in our heartfulness. We must be relentless in our capacity to include. LOVE REJECTS NOTHING. It’s concentric, radical acceptance is what transforms our fearful withholding into loving expression. We are returned to the authentic, Essential, giving, loving Selves that we were when we entered these incarnations. We may still wince at the emotional memory of rejection, pullback, and shame. And yet that wince becomes the invitation to widen the heart and pour forth the love. The love you seek is the love you are. The love you are is the love you choose to give. The love you give is the contribution you make. And the contribution you make is the G-awed you truly are.

And so my friend, IF YOU ABSOLUTELY KNEW THAT YOU ARE AN EXPRESSION OF THE ONE LOVE LIVING IN AND AS THAT UNIVERSAL LOVE, HOW WOULD YOU SPEND THIS DAY? You already are that Love. Beyond the dualistic images and emotional wounds, you are that Love. And you will Know this beyond knowing as you choose each moment to live In and give As that Source Unconditional Loving vibration. There is no part of you that needs to be fixed. There is nothing broken. There is nothing to reject. Simply Be the Love you already are. Face the fear my favored friend, and Be the Love.