Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I have begun many a lecture with some verbal version of the physics principle “THE ACT OF OBSERVATION CHANGES THAT WHICH IS OBSERVED.” I have used it so many times because the truth of that statement fills me with wonder, possibility, and zeal. This principle, while relatively recent in terms of scientific discoveries, has been spiritually known by seers for centuries. They have almost universally called it PRAYER.

“We are always looking at what we are looking with. You cannot separate the observed from the consciousness of the observer. You will always find what you are looking for. Perceptually, the story you are internally telling will always be born out.” No matter how many ways I say it, the message remains the same; we were created with the same freedom and creative dynamics as those of our Creator. Vision is a key component of conscious co-creation, and we are each invited to call forth a greater world of wisdom, serenity, harmony, and abundance by first seeing it within, and then evoking it in the without. THE WAY WE BEHOLD THE WORLD LITERALLY CHANGES ITS COMPOSITION. There is no greater discovery to be made by human beings living in a spiritual Universe. We are here to create a world of heaven here in the realm of earthy form. We evolve as begin to awaken to this responsibility and privilege, and to use our Source given Insight to see the world of effect in new and expanded ways.

At the risk of offending my readers, let me say that generally we are a spiritually and creatively lazy generation. We look at the world we call reality, and believe the effects that we observe. We act as if they are solid facts. We join in the drone of constant sound bytes and instant internet information, looking for ways to deal with a world that is coming at us. WE ARE INDIVIDUALLY AND COLLECTIVELY CREATING THE WORLD WE THEN DEFEND AGAINST! While it is imperative to look squarely at what is, as it is, it is equally important to not be seduced into believing the world of form has any authority over us. When we identify with effect, we forget our Causal nature. When we engage in trance talk, we disengage from the Power of our creative word. When we mature to the point where we can honestly look at the world just as it is, and yet spiritually call forth a transcendent reality- then, and only then will we step into the co-creative nature that is our birthright. The truth of this creative power is that we CANNOT DESCRIBE WITHOUT ALSO ENGAGING OUR PRESCRIPTIVE POWER. We must begin to listen to what we are saying, because our words will be returned to us as experience. And physics has now given us the ability to literally measure the cause and effect relationship. We can measure the power of an intention. We can gauge what effect a certain quality of attention has on that intention. This is astounding in that we are scientifically PROVING THE POWER OF PRAYER.

It really isn’t as much WHAT you look at, as HOW. To look at some effect and resist it as a fact only strengthens the power of the effect. To bring a heartful presence to the same effect and to intend to see it differently and transcendently will have a miraculous affect on that effect. Call it Presence, call it prayer, call it intention, or call it observation- the way you choose to behold any effect has a profound affect that literally “changes that which you are observing.” It is time to awaken to the Power of Presence. It is time to claim the dominion we have been given over the world of form. It is time to step into and engage the power of prayer, which is the power to align with and in Source, and to allow that Source to create through the act of our conscious observation. It is time to wake up and to pray attention. Be willing to see what in your own consciousness is in need of transformation. Pay attention to the lens through which you are seeing the world. Note when you are limiting possibility by looking through past perception. See through the single-eye vision of Insight, and look upon a changed and transcendent world. Come to. Awaken to the power within. Have the courage to see what is yet to be. Use the act of observation to “In-vision” a world of One. That is the true power of prayer. That is the true mission of an awakened Soul.